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Regardless of trends, lengths and shapes of nails, every girl has her own idea of the perfect summer manicure. Naturally, it should be bright, impressive and unique, easily cheer up and create a joyful atmosphere.

That is why the majority of nail industry specialists, creating the current trends of the seasons, are primarily guided by these parameters.

Summer manicure 2023 will be distinguished by absolute freedom of action and the complete absence of stereotypes, which in turn will allow fashionistas to experiment a lot on creating their own original summer look. The combination of various textures, styles and shades will only be welcome.

Beautiful summer manicure 2023: fashion trends, colors, ideas

A rather bright and unusual novelty of summer manicure 2023 will be the newfangled Sweet bloom design technique, which is a non-standard combination of shades and textures.

The main difference of this design is not only the style of the drawing itself, but also the technique of its implementation. It uses an exceptionally rich dark shade as a base, after which itthe contour of the picture is drawn using bright multi-colored gel polishes and a thin brush, and after that a second contour is applied from fine white acrylic powder, due to which an unusual three-dimensional pattern is created.

The second hot summer trend will remain insect print, preferably different variations of unusual bugs, in particular dragonflies, ladybugs and bees. Butterflies this season will no longer be so relevant.

The summer of 2023 will not do without fruit motifs, which should be made on a light background, preferably white or beige. Moreover, the drawing itself can be either in the style of pop art, or as realistic as possible, such elements as juicy drops on top of the fruit are welcome, especially in the context, made of transparent gel polishes.

Droplets themselves will also be a hot trend for stylish summer manicure 2023. They can be applied on both light and dark or bright base, which should be extremely glossy, as this combination will create a realistic “wet” effect. The combination of a mirror manicure using a metallic rub of various shades and transparent droplets looks quite impressive and non-trivial.

Fashionable manicure with a summer pattern: stylish photo ideas for the summer season 2023

Perhaps it is difficult for yourselfimagine a summer manicure without any thematic drawings or prints, and therefore in the 2023 season they will still remain relevant.

The hit trend will be the application of drawings or inlays with stones, rhinestones and broths on the base, made using the ombre technique. It is noteworthy that the transition must be performed from light to dark shades, which should clearly contrast with each other.

Such a non-trivial design will not only be the highlight of any image, but will also attract the admiring glances of others. Despite the brightness and recklessness that will be the main criteria for a fashionable summer manicure in 2023, a more discreet option is no less popular.

A baby boomer almond nail design is a hot trend, complemented by an extravagant print or decorative elements such as small pearls, shells or a voluminous themed pattern applied to several fingers as an accent.

Also, a similar design goes well with a moon manicure, and women of fashion can safely experiment with the shape of the hole and the principle of its selection.

Summer manicure for short nails: top designs for the summer 2023 season, fashion trends, photos

Short nails are very practical and versatile, and therefore interesting and unusual optionsenough summer design for them.

The current trend will remain bright velvet manicure, complemented by geometric patterns of sparkles or shimmering acrylic powder.

For a more romantic and feminine look, you can use a combination of a classic jacket and broken glass technique or kamifubuki, which are used to design several accent nails.

A light base and gold foil craquelure, or a volumetric decor of individual nails under a shell, which has been a burning trend of summer manicure for short nails for several seasons in a row, will look very gentle and elegant.

To create a luxurious and elegant version of the trendy summer manicure 2023, you can apply a realistic 3D floral print on a nude or pastel base, watermelon slices on a dark background, applied to several nails and complemented by realistic juicy droplets of clear gel polish. This design will be solid and playful at the same time, and therefore will fit perfectly into almost any image.

Summer manicure for long nails 2023: top trends, photos, design ideas

Summer manicure 2023 for long nails will be so diverse that any, even the most demanding fashionista, will definitely find a suitable one for herselfoption.

Lovers of vivid emotions and unforgettable impressions can safely apply the most extraordinary and eccentric drawings of flower or fruit themes.

The hot trend of the summer 2023 season will be the animalistic design of long nails, but the usual butterflies will be replaced by ladybugs, bumblebees, dragonflies and other interesting insects, for example, the image of a scarab on one or more nails will be relevant.

Marine or beach themes will also be popular, and therefore various waves, anchors or three-dimensional drawings of the seabed will go with a bang.

The hit of the season will be a design in the form of wet sand on the nails, with an accent in the form of traces from small feet on several fingers.

Bright and multi-colored French manicure will also be quite popular, and the style of the jacket can be completely different, ranging from the classic drawing of a smile on the free edge, and ending with the reverse, moon and jacket with a double smile, made in various shades. Hit shades will be mint, peach, coral, orange, yellow and blue.

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