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The popularity and relevance of the French manicure, which has been consistently maintained over the years, is justified by its beauty, elegance and versatility.

Among other things, today it is the classic jacket that serves as the basis for many other modern trendy manicure techniques.

It is on the basis of a jacket that you can easily create a special, festive or solemn design, as well as an ordinary everyday, and even a discreet conservative manicure that will perfectly match with a strict dress code.

Due to the successful combination of a pink or beige nail plate and a white edging of the outer edge of the nail, a delicate and rather versatile design is created.

Fashion trends and French colors 2022-2023: photo examples on nails

Since today, French manicure in its original form is quite rare, every year certain trends appear in the nail industry regarding the style of its design.

Preferably, the color combination changes, and highlighted accents are made on several nails. In the 2022-2023 season there will bedemanded trend of naturalness and naturalness, and therefore it will directly affect the nail design.

One of the trendy varieties of a standard jacket will be a brilliant French manicure, which is very similar in appearance to the classic one.

However, in this case, there are bright and extraordinary shiny accents in the design. Preferably, a metallic or pearl rub is used, which have not lost their relevance for several seasons in a row.

Small rhinestones can also be used, placed on the nail plate in the form of a scattering, or some kind of pattern. You can also lay out various geometric patterns from sequins, such as lines, rhombuses, triangles and other things.

French on short nails: what new ideas will be in trend 2022-2023 (new photos)

Due to the versatility of its design, the French manicure goes perfectly with short nails. Among other things, this is one of the few manicure options that allows you to experiment and create a rather bright and extraordinary design, even at a short length, regardless of the shape of the nail.

In the 2022-2023 season, the trend of combining a jacket and stencils or stamping, which was quite common last year, will continue.

It is noteworthy that stamping can be used on short nails not only to create an everyday look, but also for various solemn or themed events, such as weddings or winter holidays.

In this version, the classic jacket, in which the smile line will be decorated not with a standard white stripe, but, for example, in the form of a lace edging, will look quite gentle, romantic and extraordinary.

The second current trend will be a jacket with a V-shaped smile, complemented by various geometric patterns, or small rhinestones or sparkles, due to the non-standard shape of a smile, short nails can be visually lengthened.

French on long nails: photo ideas for sharp, almond-shaped, square nails 2022-2023

On long nails, the French manicure looks especially elegant, due to the large space for the realization of the most daring and extraordinary design ideas.

That's why from year to year, French trends on long nails are becoming more sophisticated and intricate. The hot trend of the 2022-2023 season, especially for the summer version, will be the combination of jacket and aquarium design.

Preferably a classic or moon french manicure in blue pastel colors with an aquarium accent on a few fingers.

Rhinestones, kamifubuki, mica, small shells and more can be used as decor. The end result looks quite festive and solemn, however, it fits very harmoniously into everyday style.

Another trend of the season will be a multi-colored jacket, which is distinguished by a combination of a palette of shades. So, for example, the base can be made in red or green, and the edging in blue or orange. Such a bright and cheerful combination will not only add freshness to the summer look, but also quite loyally dilute boring winter days.

Fashion jacket with design: interesting patterns and stylish rhinestones (photo 2022-2023)

Decorating a jacket with rhinestones, stones and artistic painting has been one of the hit trends in the nail industry for quite a long time, and therefore the 2022-2023 season will not be an exception and will continue this good tradition.

If we are talking about various art paintings, then they should preferably be dedicated to some thematic event, such as New Year, Valentine's Day, and so on.

Ifthis is just a festive or everyday design, you can complement it with such fashionable tricks as inlay with stones or rhinestones.

However, it is worth remembering that the emphasis should be placed only on a few fingers, otherwise the manicure will be hopelessly damaged.

The combination of techniques such as kamifubuki, broken glass or iridescent foil with a classic jacket has also become a very popular trend.

Unusual french ideas: original nail shapes, non-standard design options

The variety of techniques for performing classic French manicure is so great that many popular trends are now combined with each other.

So, for example, a combination of a gradient French technique, with a smooth transition from a pale pink base to a white edge, with a transparent three-dimensional pattern or inlaid with stones, will become a rather popular French design option in the 2022-2023 season.

Another unusual trending trend is the reverse French manicure, done with matte gel polishes. It involves highlighting the hole instead of the free edge. This design looks very unusual and mysterious.

A good alternative to the classic or reverse French will be such an unusual and quite popular execution technique as the moon jacket, which involves the selection of several areas at once - the hole and the free edgesmiles.

And of course, the jacket with negative space will remain the burning hit of the season, which looks very non-trivial, and at the same time fits perfectly into the popular trend of naturalness and naturalness.

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