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The palette of trendy shades is constantly changing from year to year, providing fashionistas with many popular trends to choose from. Preferably, the fashion palette of the season is announced before the start of each season at the start of the famous New York Fashion Week event by the world-famous Pantone Color Institute.

It is also worth noting that fashionable color trends do not always change dramatically, more often there is a change in the subtone of the main color and moving several positions in the palette. So, for example, burgundy, or rather its various shades, have been a burning trend for several seasons in a row.

The same can be said for red as the variation between terracotta and red poppies is relatively small. According to the standard, the annual fashion palette set includes twelve basic shades and four or five neutrals. Thus, the trendy colors of the 2022-2023 season include:

  • A reddish orange tone called fiesta;
  • Deep burgundy jester red, which came to replace the well-known shade of marsala;
  • A bright and expressive shade of orange called trumeric;
  • Popular for three seasons in a row shade softcoral;
  • Another variation on the theme of the pink palette - juicy pink;
  • Quite refreshing and invigorating shade of yellow-green pepper stem;
  • Bright and flashy yellow shade golden aspen;
  • The once popular once again blue color has returned, but now in a more expressive and rich shade of royal blue princess blue;
  • One of the warm brown variations called toffee;
  • A bright and unusual summer shade of golden yellow called mango mojito;
  • One of the brightest shades of deep green terrarium moss;
  • And one of the most favorite girly shades is sweet mauve, which is somewhere between pink and purple.

Well, now, perhaps, it is worth considering in more detail each of these popular shades of the 2022-2023 season, what it is, and what harmonizes better with.


The shade fiesta is the real embodiment of fire and passion, as it combines bright red and fiery orange tones. Since the color is very dynamic, it is perfect for summer outfits.

Jester Red

Another popular shade of Bordeaux, which has replaced the popular Marsala, is deep and intense. It will very successfully emphasize the elegance and luxury of the image, both in clothes and in accessories or manicure.


A very bright and unusual shade of orange, reminiscent of the appearance of sunny India and its main spice - turmeric. Therefore, it is best to dilute your image with accessories of this shade to add exquisite spice to it.

Living Coral

Soft and sophisticated variety of coral hue, with a slight golden tint, will definitely make the image more feminine and gentle, so you can safely choose a romantic outfit in this color.

Pink Peacock

Peacock pink is a bright and juicy shade of pink that is perfect for creating a bold and spectacular look. Remarkably, it complements the image well, both in the form of stylish accessories and as the main outfit.

Pepper Stem

A rather extraordinary yellowish green shade that can soften the riot of bright colors in the image, goes well with shoes, a scarf or a handbag. Also well suited for creating a monochrome look thanks toits naturalness.

Aspen Gold

Bright and truly sunny, golden aspen yellow is best suited for a carefree summer look. Due to its radiance and vigor, it can be used both for the main outfit and for various expressive accessories.

Princess Blue

Real, royally noble blue is the perfect representative of the cold palette and looks really majestic. Therefore, it is perfect for both wardrobe and manicure or accessories, making the image deeper and richer.


Very rich and delicious brown shade has become a real hit of the 2022-2023 season, as it is directly associated with sweets. Due to its warmth and calmness, it can be used both for wardrobe and for accessories, balancing the image.

Mango Mojito

Incredibly pleasant and intensea shade from the yellow palette will please with its unusual golden highlights, and give a sense of calm. Therefore, the best solution would be summer bows in this color, or complementing a winter look with such spectacular accessories.

Terrarium Moss

Another extraordinary shade from the green palette is quite deep and rich, and therefore it is best to add it to the image with the help of small accessories or a manicure. This is how even the most ordinary bow is filled with natural beauty.

Sweet Lilac

The most sought-after and trendy shade has become a real hit among fashionistas for several seasons in a row. It successfully combines such shades as lavender and fuchsia, and therefore it is incredibly delicate and feminine. Well suited for creating a monochrome image, and for focusing on details.

Trendy additional shades of the season 2022-2023

And, of course, it is worth describing in more detail the popular neutral shades of the 2022-2023 season, which will become a burning trend both for clothes and for various accessories:

  • The shade of soybeans is quite warm and versatile, so it will fit well with any look;
  • Another rich shade of navy blue eclipse will be the hit of the 2022-2023 season,he will add intrigue and some mystery to the image;
  • Incredibly soft and sweet milky white shade will bring notes of seductiveness and romanticism to the image;
  • Extraordinary and highly authentic, this earthy brown will make any look more formal and understated with its earthy vibe. In addition, it is quite versatile.

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