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The tunic is a modern wardrobe item that can be combined with anything. This is an elongated blouse, shirt or sweater. Sometimes it is considered to be a short dress that can be worn with leggings, leggings or tight pants.

The tunic can be of any length. If the product is knitted, then it is perfect instead of home clothes. In a cropped tunic, you can play sports or walk. It can be worn with shorts or leggings. No matter which model the fashionista chooses, it will be comfortable and attractive.

Tunics are divided by season:

Summer. These are thin or openwork elongated products. They are worn to the beach, for a walk and just to go out. Such a tunic should be made of a material that is comfortable in hot weather. Cotton, linen and jersey are ideal.

Autumn. These are completely different tunics. Long sleeves and collars appear. They serve to protect against constantly changing weather. Another plus of the 2022-2023 season is that the autumn tunic can be worn without trousers and jeans. If its length allows, then it can be worn alone as a dress.

Winter. The tunic is very warm, usually oversized. She can warmcold winter, but you can also create a unique bow. You can wear a tunic alone and use a wide belt as a plus. It will turn out a very beautiful image.

Full ladies choose an asymmetric cut. This can hide imperfections.

Review of fashionable styles and colors of women's tunics 2022-2023

A woman can create her image from any things. But you need to pay attention to the tunic. This simple little thing will make the bow refined and unusual. In 2022-2023, the tunic is at the peak of fashion.

This thing has appeared in people for a very long time. But today it has become more fashionable than it once was. This is no longer just an immense bag that was put on. This is a stylish item that every fashionista has today.

Models relevant in 2022-2023:

Asymmetrical fit. This cut of the tunic is very popular. It can be paired with jeans or skinny pants. This fashionable look will seem extraordinary at first, but the image will turn out to be stylish.

Multilayer. This style is created with a tunic and a sweater or sweatshirt. Where the tunic should peek out from under the knitted thing.

Grunge style. This style cannot be changed in any way. But the designers managed to make such a tunic fashionable. Various patches, tears and decor will bring only positive to the bow.

Tunic shirt. The shirt look of tunics is in trend. They may be elongated. Models in a cage of various sizes will look impressive. Skinny jeans and a skirt will suit such a tunic. Skirt length may vary.

Fashion tunics spring-summer 2023: the most beautiful models

Many styles and styles were presented by designers and fashion designers in 2022-2023. This is a different cut of the product, as well as colors that will suit all fashionistas.

The most trendy colors are gray and yellow. But other colors are not far behind. What to look for.

  • Purple and blue are suitable for the cold season;
  • Green is a very pleasant and trendy color. But, when choosing it, you need to be careful, it is not suitable for all skin types.
  • Women aged fit brown, ashy, pink. Such colors emphasize elegance and femininity.
  • White tunic is suitable for any age.
  • Spring-summer suggest silver and gold colors. It is very bright and fashionable.
  • The drawings on tunics have not been canceled, today the trend is a strip, a different pattern of white and black. Embroidery, sticker, inscription.

Styles to look out for:

  1. A-silhouette is a universal style that will suit everyone without exception. This design will hidedeficiencies, if any, on the abdomen and flanks. But it will emphasize the legs and chest.
  2. Bottom asymmetry. By choosing this image, you can hide the hips. Very unusual cut allows you to attract attention. Such tunics are presented both for the warm period and for the winter.
  3. Narrowed waist. This type of tunic will suit almost every woman. If the figure is an apple, then it is not recommended to wear this style. The rest will do.
  4. Long tunic. Such a bow can be chosen both during the day and in the evening. It can be with hood and pockets, very stylish and modern.

Different textures that are combined in one product will make the image fashionable and stylish. Delicate silk and coarse knitting - it looks very impressive, both delicate and rough.

Lace, leather, beads, sequins, rhinestones, beads, ethnic patterns, all this will be the decor for the tunic.

    1. Tunic coat. This option is very suitable for an evening out. It is possible with dark trousers, if the model is long, then like a dress.
    2. Boho style. A long tunic that has an original cut.
    3. Bat. The unusual cut of the sleeve gave the name to this product.
    4. Open back. Suitable for brave and open girls with a perfect figure.
    5. Grid. This tunic is suitable for the beach season.
    6. Long sleeve. This model looks very good on any type of figure.

    Fashion tunics for autumn-winter 2022-2023

    The tunic is a versatile top that many women choose. In winter this is very important. Warm materials and large collars will keep you warm. In winter and autumn, the same styles as in other seasons are in trend, but layered tunics are added to them.

    Designers decided to make a tunic not from one material, but to combine several styles in it, for example, sporty and casual.

    Warm tunic can be of any length. If this is a long dress, then its bottom can be of different lengths. The front can be shorter, and the back, on the contrary, longer. These tunics can be worn without a bottom.

    Autumn-Winter 2022-2023 suggests that tunics can also be made of flying fabrics, but the sleeves must be long. These are good manners and good taste.

    Knitted tunics are in trend. They can be dense and thin, long and short. Such tunics are not suitable for all types of figures. But such a thing is universal, it does not stretch, it warms and fits well.

    Any model knitted with a large knit, together with jeans looks very stylish and fashionable. And it will never go out of style.

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