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The tradition of decorating trees came from the ancient Slavs and gradually spread to European countries. Now the Christmas tree has become not only a symbol of the holiday, but also a friendly family. Of course, the decoration of this tree has its own nuances: fashion changes every year. It largely depends on the patron of the year: it is believed that the wrong design can make him angry, which will cause a person to fail over and over again.

Main trends and trendy colors for Christmas tree decor for the New Year 2023

Many people just decorate the Christmas tree with all the toys they find around the house. However, in order to stylishly decorate an evergreen tree, it is recommended to follow current trends in New Year's decor. It is important to decide what colors to use to decorate the Christmas tree in 2023, because the patron saint of this year is the Rabbit, which imposes certain restrictions on the choice of colors for Christmas tree decorations.

Since this animal does not like bright colors, you should abandon the classic red, and also do not use decorative elements that have colorful shades. The best solution would be to choose the main colors in decorating the Christmas tree and focus on them.Ideally in the year of the Rabbit, toys in blue tones, as well as gray or silver, are suitable. If you want something warmer, you can use green, white or brown.

It is believed that the Rabbit is especially fond of jewelry in blue tones. He also really likes blue-green and beige shades. Such decor will help to attract good luck and happiness in the coming year.

It is important to ensure that all colors look good with each other. An excessive number of shades will lead to congestion: this will negatively affect perception. It is also recommended to decorate the Christmas tree in one color tone. The following combinations will look great:

  • Aqua Silver & White;
  • beige, brown and yellow;
  • champagne, green and gold.

Mono-design in Christmas tree decoration is becoming more and more popular, but this does not mean that you should always use the same colors. It is important that the decor elements are well combined with each other, and the final composition is liked by all family members.

2023 Christmas Tree Decoration Fashion Styles

Decorating an evergreen tree in the Year of the Rabbit can be chaotic, but it is better to try to choose the colors of the decorations that are in harmony with the room. There are a huge number of different styles of decorating a Christmas tree, but not all of them will be relevant. The most fashionable styles of decorating the symbol of the new year are:

    1. Minimalism. Naturalness and environmental friendliness have been in trend for more than a year. New Year's compositions in this style suggest the rejection of plastic decorations and tinsel. Large balls are not welcome. The essence of the style is to use only natural jewelry. For example, chestnut garlands and dried tangerine slices look very attractive. Minimalism also includes stars, snowflakes and other decorations made of wood (any color can be used). In this case, the main condition is a living tree.
    2. Shabby chic. Despite the complicated name, the style is quite famous. As humanity develops, the world acquires an increasingly cold atmosphere, so many people want to plunge headlong into antiquity. This is exactly what this style is for. The Christmas tree can be decorated, for example, with lace. Pastel-colored beads will also look great. An important element of style are historical items, so you should put something under the tree. Decorative boxes are best.
    3. Country. A very warm style that will create a unique effect of comfort. Country is relatively simple, and therefore suitable for beginners.All decor should be painted in natural colors, without any paints and sparkles. Bows, figurines made of straw or wood are most often used as decoration. Transparent balls can become a highlight. With all of the above, various kinds of treats will go well: gingerbread, cinnamon and shortbread cookies.
    4. Scandinavian style. An ideal solution for those who have not seen a cold and snowy winter for a long time. It implies a combination of blue, white and silver shades that the Rabbit will like. When compiling a New Year's composition, only natural, not too colorful and bright materials should be used. The Scandinavian style often uses gold or silver highlights. Excellent decor elements in this case will be glass balls, bells and angels. In addition, it is recommended to use more snowflakes and artificial snow.

    Choose a style depending on the design of the room and personal preferences. The most important thing when composing compositions is not to overdo it with red, because the patron of the year does not like it.

    Christmas tree decoration with unusual toys: the best ideas

    Evergreen tree decoration optionaluse the usual Christmas toys. You can decorate the Christmas tree with various homemade toys, sweets and other things. The best original ideas for decorating the symbol of the Year of the Rabbit are:

    • candies of various shapes and colors (star lollipops, chocolate medals and truffles);
    • cardboard mugs with pasted photos;
    • fabric balls trimmed with plain buttons;
    • spices and nuts (star anise, cinnamon sticks, walnuts, etc.);
    • cookies and citrus fruits (shaped cookies and gingerbread, as well as dried orange wedges).

    Also, the tree can be decorated with a variety of cones decorated with nuts, sweets, bows and snowflakes. Various confectionery products in the form of houses, snowmen and Christmas trees are becoming increasingly popular. Sweet decorations can be additionally decorated with sugar beads and multi-colored fondant.

    The 2023 Christmas tree can be decorated in several different styles, but keep in mind the trendy colors and decorations. When composing a composition, bright colors should be avoided, red and an abundance of sparkles should be abandoned. You can also decorate the symbol of the new year with sweets, nuts, photographs and homemade toys.

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