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Valentine's Day is an important holiday for all couples. Girls are especially careful when preparing for the holiday, thinking through their image to the smallest detail, including manicure. It should not only reflect the mood, but also be relevant in 2023. The trends of the season 2023 will help to create the right mood and add an interesting accent.

February 14th Nail Design Trends

The leading color in 2023 is still red and its various shades. It is on it that the masters recommend stopping, since the classics always look unsurpassed on the hands of lovely ladies.

The concept of the celebration doesn't matter. Neat nail art will be a great addition to a date in a cozy place or just to cheer you up if there are no plans. It never hurts to treat yourself to a beautiful manicure.

The fashion ideas below will help you choose the right design. Everyone who wishes will be able to stop at the option that is more to their liking. Nail art options are presented from the simplest ones that can be done at home, to the most intricate ones that only beauty professionals can handle.

Chiefthe decor element is the heart in all its manifestations. The symbol of love can be carried out on the nails in various ways: draw, use ready-made stickers, lay out pebbles or glitter. Hearts with rhinestones and sequins will acquire a special charm, attracting all eyes.

An interesting effect on the nails is obtained using heart-shaped kamifubuki. The implementation of such a design does not require much effort, but the result is stunning.

Design with a pattern is a great option for Valentine's Day. The choice of thematic prints is extensive: you can make drawings of a couple in love, sponges, lipsticks, rings, various inscriptions and confessions in the most intimate sense.

French motifs will perfectly fit into the festive design. The country of love and romance will help express tenderness and sensuality. On the nails, you can depict the Eiffel Tower, flowers, balloons, ladies in berets, or you can stop at the classic jacket, made with gel polish or shellac in pastel colors.

Another trend of this season is images of cartoon characters on the nail plate. Mickey and Minnie Mouse in love make cute decorations for your special day. Also on the nails you can depict teddy bears and bunnies.

Flamingo has also become one of the symbols of love and tenderness. Cute images can be supplemented with broths or rhinestones, and French manicure can be used as a base. In light colors, nail art will acquire a special charm.

Manicure ideas for Valentine's Day: photo novelties of short nails design

Red lacquer is not a necessary condition for a festive decoration of nails. A sophisticated design in pastel colors also looks great on short nails. It goes well with various coatings and decorative elements.

But if the soul still requires bright and fatal red shades, pay attention to the various decoration variations. You can complement an unusual manicure with geometric prints, holes or design in monochrome. A delightful and unforgettable view is guaranteed.

To dilute the accent manicure will help material such as kamifubuk. In combination with red, golden details will add shine, and the use of heart-shaped kamifubuki will add lightness and romance to the image. You can also try details in the form of stripes or a square.

Foil paper - a favorite attribute of nail art will fit perfectly into the theme of the holiday. Prints or crinkled foilwill complement designs with inscriptions and add shine to the image.

Floral arranging is always closely related to the theme of love. Delicate buds, neat stems and leaves on the nails will add femininity and sophistication. Floral design is especially interesting in combination with glitter, sequins and beads.

Don't forget about the holes. The romance of the plot will be added by elements made in the form of a symbol of love. Beautiful patterns in nude tones look very gentle and sophisticated.

New long manicure for February 14, 2023: photo ideas

The "negative space" technique looks charming on long nails. A very romantic and beautiful design in contrasting colors, such as red and black, with a matte or glossy finish, attracts the eyes of others and will definitely be appreciated by your significant other.

Long nails - room for creativity. Even banal hearts can be beaten in an interesting and unusual way. Use the technique of "negative space", stripes, vertical or horizontal, foil and draw hearts of different shapes and colors.Such a bright design will definitely not go unnoticed.

Decorating the nail plate with inscriptions is a fashionable solution for Valentine's Day. Paint the nails with gentle words, add a little creativity. Maybe this will be a message to your soulmate or to the whole world? There are a lot of variations on the theme of love, and every lady will definitely find something to her liking.

Glittering stones, rhinestones and crystals are simply irresistible. This decor is perfect for an important event, and will delight its owner with entertaining overflows for a long time to come.

Minimalism continues to conquer the female half. Fans of the beauty industry love it for its organicity and compatibility with any materials. Minimalism helps bring any idea to life. Such a manicure does not load the nail plate and always looks appropriate. Even after the holidays, you can enjoy the beautiful design and not worry about the design being too bright for study or work.

Newfangled cobweb combined with hearts will decorate your nails and give a lot of positive emotions. A black web with images of bright or dark thematic elements looks especially interesting. Sequins, glitter and rhinestones will perfectly complement the whole picture and create an unforgettable tandem on the nails.

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