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New Year is a holiday that everyone, without exception, is waiting for, from young to old. Kids are waiting for gifts, and adults - a feast with family and friends. New Year's worries are added to everyday worries. Therefore, in a month, the housewives think - what to cook for the New Year 2023. Drawing up the New Year's menu, inventing snacks and planning the festive table setting - these are the chores that await us before the main holiday of the year.

Since the Black Water Rabbit is a symbol of 2023, it means that both the theme of the holiday and the New Year's table must correspond to the preferences of the animal.

Main dish for New Year 2023

The main dish on the table on a festive night should be meat. As many meat dishes and snacks as possible are the key to a successful New Year's table.

For example, it could be:

  • Chicken
  • Goose or duck
  • Beef
  • Pork
  • Turkey

It is recommended to cook meat dishes in one huge piece, and before serving on the New Year's table, divide it into portions.

A small list of dishes that are guaranteed to be appropriate in the New Year 2023 - Duck with apples,Wellington beef, Meatloaf with cheese and mushrooms, Pork accordion, Julien, Beef with dried fruits in the oven.

Barbecue and shish kebab will be the best option for cooking meat, you can also cook on the grill.

As has been the case for many years, a variety of meat and fish can be prepared for a solemn event. You can resort to a variety of ways to process products.

Many families pre-sculpt dumplings, freeze and cook them directly for the holiday.

In recent years, a very popular dish on New Year's tables is oriental cuisine. For example, many hostesses pamper their families with rich pilaf straight from the cauldron.

Christmas salads

Particular attention in New Year's salads should be paid to their appearance. They can be decorated under the image of a totem animal, a symbol of 2023. Or even a variety of thematic works that personify winter, a holiday, mythical and literary characters, a Christmas tree and New Year's decorations.

The symbol of 2023 will not be able to eat only light vegetable salads, for this reason, you need to prepare nutritious dishes with meat, smoked meats and cheeses. Dressing salads is best with homemade mayonnaise or sour cream sauce.

Many salads can be made in advance so as not to waste time on them on New Year's Eveevening. Cooking the day before or on the morning of December 31st and refrigeration is a good idea that will save housewives and hosts time. After all, the main course and appetizers will require more attention.

An example of nutritious and very tasty salads that will surely be appreciated by every guest - "Mushrooms in a fur coat", "Olivier" supplemented with red caviar, High-protein New Year's salad with squid and nuts, puff "Snow Queen" with crab chopsticks and meat.

Interesting snack options for New Year 2023

In addition to the key, main New Year's dishes, sausages and meat cuts must be present on the New Year's table in 2023. When choosing products for slicing, you need to focus not only on the quality of sausage and meat, boiled pork or balyk, but also set aside time for a decent design so that this royal appetizer acquires an attractive aesthetic appearance and will definitely please the Rabbit. After all, this animal pays attention to luxurious and beautiful dishes.

To replace salads and hot dishes, or in between them, a variety of snacks are suitable. At this stage, the feast can often turn into a buffet.

Meat rolls with cheese and mushrooms, Korean carrots are a good snack. Or you can cook pita bread rolls with meat. Snacks with minced meat, cheeses and eggs will definitely be held in high esteem.

Both hot and cold snacks will fit perfectly into the New Year's menu in 2023. For example, you canmake pâté canapés or homemade pork sandwiches.

Appetizers, unlike salads, require cooking just before they are put on the table. Such dishes almost never manage to be prepared in advance so that they do not lose their taste and beautiful appearance. It makes sense to pick up recipes for quick and easy snacks.

For example, you can cook such snacks - aspic with any kind of meat, ham rolls, terrine, tartlets with meat or liver pate, profiteroles with cream cheese and salmon, puffs with cheese and meat.

Desserts on the New Year's table 2023

Water Rabbit will like almost everything - any kind of dough, it can be a biscuit or a puff base. So you need to try and make a very tasty dessert - the symbol of the year is simply obliged to share his luxurious smile with admiration.

The finale of the holiday must definitely put a sweet end to the feast. The New Year's menu cannot do without sweets, and it is not at all necessary that they be complicated. The main condition for the symbol of the New Year 2023 is that the dessert makes you want to eat it.

It is important to use delicate varieties of cheeses, dairy products, interesting nuts and outlandish fruits in the preparation of desserts.

Several options that will serve as a delicious end to the New Year's table - candied fruit pudding, apple pie with ice cream, panna cotta, cheesecake with various unusual fruits, lemon dessert with persimmon.


Definitely worth trying and taking care of the New Year's menu 2023 to please the Rabbit by cooking his favorite dishes. A clear understanding of the vector of the holiday, which will come in less than 2 months, will definitely make the New Year cozy, happy and real. Since only having successfully met the symbol of 2023, you can expect good luck in the future.

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