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"Vytynanka" comes from the word "to stick out", which meant "to cut out". These are patterned decorations of housing cut with a knife or scissors in silhouette or openwork from special paper.

During the manufacture of paper protrusions, they adopted a geometric or floral pattern, in some cases they made drawings of the animal world, people, household objects and buildings. The paper was folded from 2 to 8 times. It was an inexpensive and easy way to decorate your home for the holidays.

Vytynanki appeared in China. Previously, they were used to decorate windows, walls, shelves and racks. Usually, a plot telling about the events of the village was embedded in the vytynanka. For example, about holidays, marriages, about the birth of children.

And in our time, vytynanki have not lost their relevance. In the same way, as before, the vytynanki were made in the form of snowflakes, stars, figures of angels. Only in 2023 did everything take on a less painstaking process, now you can simply print out the vytynanki found on the Internet. There is an opportunity not to make them with your own hands, but already use New Year's stencils for windows.

The festive time of winter encourages everyone to walk on the bridge to childhood. By captivityyou begin to believe in miracles and wait for a miracle. I would like to escape from the daily routine and transform your home with the help of New Year's vytynanok.

The world of paper art is very large and, what a blessing that we live in an age when it is not necessary to sit on your own thinking over and cutting out protrusions. Although, without a doubt, this is also a very exciting and interesting process.

Templates for decorating windows for the New Year can be found on the Internet, and also very different, for every taste. The thing will be small - print out the vytynanki and glue them. Patterns on the windows can be very different - from playful deer carrying Santa Claus with a full bag of gifts, to a garland of complex patterned houses.

The symbol of the coming year is the Rabbit. Without a doubt, a luxurious predator will look great on frosty windows - here's another idea for protrusions. Drawn templates can be printed and pasted to cheer up the anticipation of the holiday.

You can even make a whole New Year's composition from protrusions. For example, a forest of Christmas trees with squirrels and cubs. Or a small village decorated for the holiday. This is an undeniable work of art. And all you need to do is find templates for windows on the Internet, print and stick them.

This is how a simple thing will cheer you up and multiply the expectation of the New Year!

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