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Durability, shine, uniform coverage - this is only part of the advantages of gel polish. In 2022-2023, conciseness, simplicity and elegance remain “in fashion”. The nails should not have volumetric structures and an excessive amount of decor. Restrained glossy and matte shades, as well as sparkles, rubbing and velvet sand will be relevant in the upcoming season.

Trendy colors of gel polish: trends of the season 2022-2023

Ultra popular shades in 2022-2023 will continue to be nude and pastel. Since the color of the nails is often matched to the image, the fashion nail industry is trying to keep up with the color trends in clothing.

Thus, the following colors will be in the trend this year:

    1. Orange is bright and warm.
    2. Yellow - sunny and radiant.
    3. Mint - nice and fresh.
    4. Pale green - beautiful and refreshing.
    5. Bright blue - defiant and daring.
    6. Grey - casual and confident.
    7. Purple - mysterious and pretentious.
    8. Black is classic yet elegant.

    To the list of current shades, you can add raspberry, coral and all brown tones. All of themare performed mainly in glossy form.

    As for decor, minimalistic design will remain fashionable. Nails with rhinestones gradually fade into the background. A calm shade without frilly stones will suit any look. A coating with a metallic rub, gradient or stamping will look spectacular. Discreet drawings or glitter are acceptable. For example, bright yellows, oranges and reds will create an unusual effect when creating a diagonal ombre. The matte finish, in turn, is complemented by original inscriptions.

    Long, extended, short - you can be fashionable with your favorite nails, but the actual length will be considered 2-5 mm.

    Gel polish manicure for short nails: new designs 2022-2023

    Shellac is the easiest way to care for short nails. The girl will not have to worry about the condition of her hands for 2-3 weeks.

    Short nails are suitable for young girls, mums on maternity leave and those who don't like long nails. A bright monochromatic coating and decor created with the help of glitter, foil, prints and original painting will help to give a zest to them.

    Pastel nail polish and pretty flowers are greatvariant of spring design on short nails. Instead of flowers, you can choose prints in the form of twigs or stars. For solemn occasions, it is worth choosing foil design in the form of prints. Foiling in the form of pieces of different shapes will also remain attractive. This technique is called "broken glass".

    There is not enough space for nail-drawing on small nail plates. That is why the craftsmen strive to simplify the design by making it a little transparent. In this they are helped by such techniques as abstraction, a gradient with "islands", geometry.

    Unusual drawings with faces, eyelashes and big eyes are gaining great popularity today. This style is called "eye see you". On short square-shaped plates, the images look even more expressive. Together with the drawings, the inscriptions remain fashionable. They can be in the form of mottos, names, foreign expressions or just letters.

    For those who are tired of flowers and inscriptions, there is another interesting version of a manicure with a pattern. It is a pastel shade with twigs. You can add showiness to the design by adding pebbles or small rhinestones to the branches.

    Gel polish for long nails: ideas2022-2023

    Trendy manicure this season will be rich in creative ideas and techniques. The abstract style of painting is in first place in demand. It combines different styles and techniques, which include graphic painting, paint stains and splashes.

    Another creative nail design idea is to decorate your nails in the form of natural minerals. Marble manicure is complemented with strips of foil or glitter. Showiness will also be brought to him by pearl rubbing. The coating applied to long nails will add sophistication to the image. You can complement it with floral nail art, painting or neon ombre.

    In any situation, geometry and modeling look concisely on long nails. The geometric design is perfect for everyday wear. With it you can go to work, to the office and to study. Modeling, on the contrary, is a brighter and more original nail art. It can be afforded on special occasions. For example, "put on" for a solemn event. French always remains relevant. To create an exquisite French manicure, the masters highlight the plates in different ways, and use shiny stripes and prints for decoration.

    Thus, the trends of 2022-2023 never cease to amaze. Girls will be presented with a wide selection of colors and decor for every taste and color.

    Gel manicure and beautiful design: trendy options 2022-2023

    The latest fashion trends in the nail industry offer different approaches to creating original designs. Masters try to create an outstanding design that combines different techniques. The combined coating is additionally decorated with sliders, drawings, foil prints.

    For sophisticated natures, a matte nude, decorated with a ribbon with sparkles or large pebbles, will be an ideal option. They look best in a smart manicure made for a festive evening. It is also worth paying special attention to the beautiful coating with contrasting decor. It includes glitter, prints and delicate decorations.

    It is not so easy to study photo novelties and choose the right decor. Let's highlight the most relevant ideas and trends of this year:

    • Thumb emphasis;
    • Sliders and stickers;
    • Animal prints;
    • Colorful design.
    • Shiny Ribbon;
    • Geometry and abstraction;
    • All nude nail polishes;
    • French with different colors.

    Pointed, long, oval - nails of any shape and length will allow you to make the most fashionable manicure of this year.

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