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French manicure is still relevant. With each season, it becomes more in demand. In 2022-2023, new styles and solutions for everyone's favorite jacket will become popular. Among the top types, a color design made in bright and rich colors will stand out. The contrast of a dark and delicate shade is also welcome. It is this design of the nails that will suit any girl's outfit, make her look interesting and unusual.

Colored jacket in one bright color: new designs 2022-2023

In a traditional French manicure, the nail plate is covered with a nude color, and the edge of the nail is white. Modern fashion trends are making adjustments. To date, color versions of the jacket remain at the peak of popularity.

There are three main design options:

    1. The nail plate is painted in a light beige shade, and the edge of the nail is colored.
    2. The plate is covered with a bright color, while the "smile" remains white.
    3. The base of the nail is covered with any color shade, and the edge is different, but not light and not classic.

    The above options do not exclude the useadditional nail design. French in combination with rhinestones, with broths, with artistic painting also has the right to exist.

    Colored jacket on long nails looks perfect, because a wide range of different variations are used in the design of the "smile". As for the manicure on short nails, then the French design looks natural and easy on them. On almond-shaped plates, you can create painted stripes along the edges. On the “soft square” shape, the jacket looks neat only if the edges of the plate are smoothed on the sides. If it has a wide shape, then French nail art will be rough.

    This season 2022-2023, French-style nails can be complemented with stylish designs. It is allowed to use stickers or resort to artistic painting. Floral motifs, fruit ideas and abstract patterns are chosen as designs. Additional decor in the form of butterflies, cobwebs, stripes, animals are placed either on one nail, or only on the tips.

    Colorful,rainbow jacket: design with transitions of several shades

    With the arrival of spring and summer, many girls want to do something juicy on their nails. The solution to the problem can be a multi-colored jacket, when the “smile” stands out with a beautiful bright shade or resembles a mixture of all the colors of the rainbow. It's safe to say that rainbow nails are slowly gaining relevance. Photo novelties in the network are proof of this.

    Design can be painted with gel polish, modeled with gel, decorated with foil or tape edges. In fact, there are many options, and all of them are in demand among girls.

    The most relevant is the gradient transition of the "smile" from one tone to another. In this case, the base is made transparent or painted in a natural color. But this is not a mandatory requirement. The nail plate is often painted with a delicate monotone, and its edge is highlighted with snow-white or dark varnish.

    You can make a fashionable French manicure by focusing on the lunula. The result is a double jacket. It will look very stylish, especially when applied with white and bright shellac.

    Another current trend is the use of different colors of “smile” on different nails. But if a girl wants to make a different base, then the edge of the plate will have to be drawn in the same way. The main thing is to monitor the compatibility of tones so that the manicure does not turn into an uncontrollable riot of colors. It looks too catchy and pretentious.

    Any rainbow jacket can be made with a pattern. For example, add pictures of watermelons, oranges or other "summer"fruits. Images will fit perfectly into a two-color combination of turquoise and pink. For a "lemon" design, a pair of "orange-white" is suitable.

    Bright jacket with design

    Bright gel nail polish is often complemented with designs in the form of drawings. In the hot season, floral motifs will be an excellent option. In addition to them, images of animals, insects, including butterflies and dragonflies, are relevant. The picture is placed on one or more fingers.

    In 2022-2023, the French crescent will not lose its popularity. He once appeared along with the classic arc. An inverted French manicure looks beautiful in a bright design using juicy tones. If you want to make a moderate design, then it is better to use a bright accent on a few fingers. The remaining nails can be painted white.

    Long nails will be the perfect "canvas" for ombre manicure. A wide range of shades makes it possible to combine colors with each other. Combine withanother can be not only bright colors, but also delicate shades. To create an emphasis on the arc, you need to make a transition from white to any bright color. This option is considered universal and suitable "for all occasions".

    Even if a girl has short nails, she should not give up the pleasure of getting a French manicure. Experienced craftsmen easily make bright “smiles” on small plates. The only thing to consider is the thickness of the arc. It should be thin and neat to visually lengthen the nail. With a minimum length, a manicure can be done with sparkles or patterns.

    The plain matte jacket looks natural and attractive. However, it can be boldly “dilute” with bright notes, add a little variety. For fashionistas, the ideal option would be to use a scattering of rhinestones and Swarovski stones.

    Matte jacket with glossy arcs - a bold and creative solution, in the so-called "Hollywood style". An original or double “smile” is applied to the matte finish, decorating it with glitter and decor. Glossy varnish emphasizes the mystery and adds a drop of magic to the “work”. Instead of bright decor, you can choose paintings, abstract motifs and animal prints.

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