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Matte manicure is a great alternative to glossy finishes. In the upcoming 2022-2023 season, it remains in demand among fashionistas. The velvet effect on the nails looks elegant and well-groomed. It goes well with various decorative elements. By choosing a fashionable design, a girl will be able to create an image that will look in the best light, regardless of age and position in society.

Matte nails: trendy shades of matte varnishes 2022-2023

The trend for matte nails has been preserved for more than a season. Marigolds look amazing both in summer and in winter. Despite the fact that nail techniques become obsolete over time, "matte" remains in demand and charming in any performance.

The most fashionable shades of 2022-2023 will be as follows:

    1. Black is a beautiful and expensive color, it is especially perfect in monochrome. Patterns, rubbing and the popular “negative space” design will look relevant on black nails.
    2. Red is the second most popular color after black. It looks great in combination with rhinestones, as well as in combination with nude and black gel polishes.
    3. Beige - this shade is perfect foreveryday wear. Nude color will fit into any look, be it a party or a formal event.
    4. Pink - harmoniously looks on the nails in summer and spring. Monochrome pink is a delicate shade, but in combination with black it turns into a bold one.
    5. White is a great tone for bold design decisions. It is combined with a pattern, ombre effect and sparkles.
    6. Bordeaux - more suitable for the cold season. On the nails, burgundy looks aristocratic. For everyday wear, a plain coating is suitable, and for a holiday, decor with sparkles or stickers.
    7. Blue is the color that is relevant throughout the year. Pastel shades are chosen in spring and summer, and deep ones in winter.

    All of the listed tones will help create real masterpieces on nails of any length. The main thing is to choose the appropriate design and decoration.

    Matte manicure with design: drawing ideas, rhinestone layouts

    This season 2022-2023 matte manicure remains "in the top". To create it, different nail design techniques are used. Actual variations are also jacket, geometry, holes,abstraction.

    Fashion trends make masters follow them. Consider each trend separately, highlight the most popular of them.

    1. Gold details. The metallized texture is still in demand. It appears on the nails in the form of golden foil, abstraction or "broken glass".
    2. Black background. Deep black color is practical and comfortable. Juicy accents in the form of spots and strokes against its background will look as unusual as possible.
    3. Negative space. Beautiful and concise design, in which part of the plate remains unpainted. The "empty" part is made in the form of stripes or some specific contour.
    4. floristry. Matte gel polish with leaf and flower prints for evening and everyday looks.
    5. Stripes and lines. With their help, a manicure in the style of minimalism is formed. The stripes can be applied using foil or as part of the "Negative space" design.

    Today, the world of nail art presents a large number of ideas for nail design. If a girl cannot choose the right option, then she should study the latest photo novelties.

    Short matte nails:New Manicure Designs 2022-2023

    In the new season, short nails will still be popular. Many stylists still advise girls to give up too much length. The fingers look neat and feminine.

    Before you start creating a manicure, you need to decide on the shape of the plates. The most relevant are square, oval and almond shapes.

    Light colors look great on short nails. Visually, they lengthen the plate. For lovers of the "minimalism" style, a monochromatic coating in a nude color is suitable. But do not choose too light shades, otherwise the color will merge with the skin. It is best to resort to the ombre or colorblock technique. Monochrome patterned nail art is perfect for plates with soft corners.

    Don't deny yourself the pleasure of doing a moon manicure. On short nails, his task is to “stretch” the plate so that it seems longer. A brightly highlighted hole on a matte surface will help to do this.

    Advice for those who want to decorate short nails with patterns and ornaments. Best of all, the design will look on one or two fingers. A large number of figures will look very clumsy.

    Long matte manicure: new ideas for the season 2022-2023

    On long nails of the correct form, a matte manicure looks perfect if you choose the right shade. For example, light tones are harmonious when applied using the ombre technique.

    Extended nails also do not tolerate too bright colors with a lot of decor. Do not overload the already long nails with various stones, rhinestones and beads.

    If you want to apply shellac and add a pattern to it, then you should create it from foil or stripes. Slider pictures and artistic painting are combined with delicate shades of varnishes.

    On a matte basis, a glossy jacket looks very original. Masters recommend using the same tone so that the gloss stands out against the background with a thin line. You can replace the French design with a moon manicure. The same color scheme is also preferred here.

    Another interesting idea is drip imitation. It is a manicure, where glossy droplets of gel “lie” on a matte surface. In appearance, they resemble morning dew, especially when applied to an emerald or green background.

    And the last actual idea - gradient coloring. The transition from a dark shade to a light one will never get boring. On long nails, a dark-colored coating that “grows” into a lighter tone will look good.

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