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Fashion trends and their development delight girls with inspiring ideas in creating a beautiful manicure. Shellac has been very popular with fashionistas for more than a year. With its help, masters create real masterpieces on nails. That is why many are interested in what trends will be relevant in 2022-2023.

Fashionable shellac colors: trends of the season 2022-2023

Shellac occupies a leading position in the "market" of the nail industry for several reasons. It is easy to use and suitable for covering long and short nails. With its help, the manicure looks natural, and thick tubercles do not form on the nail plates. Consider what designs will be fashionable in the upcoming 2022-2023 season.

    1. Classic. French manicure will never go out of style. Today it is not just a French. It is decorated with flowers, stones, and a matte finish is used for it.
    2. Natural. Naturalness in manicure is presented in the form of a coating of calm tones. All shades of beige, pink, light brown - medium and long nails are covered with such gel polishes.
    3. Brightness. Despite the widespread "naturalness", bright shades do notgive up their positions. Unique red, blue, coral - juicy colors are perfectly combined with sparkles and stones.
    4. Animal prints. On nails of different lengths, the muzzles of animals look pretty. Kittens, puppies, Mickey Mouse - this design is suitable for young girls. Ladies of mature age should choose something less bright.
    5. Ombre. A win-win option will always be any ombre option. Vertical, horizontal, with or without transition. Each design looks stylish and delicate.

    One-color coating without embellishment is always in demand and stylish nail design. Gel polish pastel colors will be a good option for those who have an imperfect shape of the nail plate. Who naturally got long nails with an almond-shaped or oval shape should take a closer look at the juicy shades of shellac.

    For the spring-summer period, girls should pay attention to a manicure made in mint, powdery, pink, coral and sunny colors. As for the length, here the preferences depend on the desires of the woman herself. Short, long, medium length nails - there are ideal options for each type.

    Shellacmanicure for short nails: new designs 2022-2023

    In 2022-2023, shellac on short nails remains relevant, since this length is convenient and practical. The most win-win option for her is a plain coating or jacket. The latter option will be appropriate at official events or when working in the office.

    You can diversify the design by adding some original elements to it. For example, make holes in bright colors, decorate the plates with stripes or fears. Artistic painting or ornamentation is allowed.

    In addition to French, short nails are decorated with a moon manicure. In combination with shellac, it should be called crescent. The application technique is a contrasting coating with a painted concave crescent.

    Another popular design is the gradient. It can be vertical, horizontal, drawn on each finger separately, or be a transition between them.

    Red manicure is also considered an undeniable classic. It emphasizes the femininity and originality of its owners. If you do not want a bright red coating, you can replace it with burgundy, scarlet or dark pink.

    Covering long nails with shellac: ideas 2022-2023

    Photo novelties that can now be found on the Internet are filled with a lot of interesting ideas. Manicure on long nails really allows the imagination to run wild. A large area of the nail plate, combined with shellac, turn the "work" into a masterpiece.

    Modern fashionistas this season can follow the following trends:

    1. Decoration of extended nails. Application of varnish in combination with vacuum filling into the cavity under the gel. As a result, liquid dye remains under the plate, which moves freely along the nail.
    2. Using a gel polish with a pattern. After covering the plate with a solid color, the master can begin to create on its large area. Extraordinary patterns and slider pictures remain relevant.
    3. Covered with rhinestones. This decor looks festive and cute. Most often, stone decoration is chosen before attending a solemn event.
    4. Rubbing. The mirror effect of the rub looks original in gold and silver.

    Choosing the right option is not difficult. A girl can easily experiment with looks, add various decorative elements to them, or vice versa, completely exclude it.

    Shellac manicure and beautiful design: trendy options 2022-2023

    Classic nail art ideas this season follow fashion trends. Topical coverage represents natural and aesthetic images. Pretentiousness and excessive decor are no longer in vogue.

    At the peak of popularity remains the natural palette of gel polish. It includes shades that can be divided into two categories. The first includes all nude tones, including beige, white, pastel shades. The second includes bright, but not "acidic" tones.

    The most popular and fashionable manicure techniques are:

    • French;
    • Lunar;
    • Marble;
    • Rubbing;
    • Gradient transitions;
    • Matte.

    However, the main feature of the season is monochrome and minimalism. Sophisticated nail design has not lost its popularity. He is in demand, but not as much as before.

    Thus, fresh ideas have a wide range of solutions. Girls can focus on a matte, glossy or velvet finish. Others prefer to see art paintings on their nails. Due to the fact that new elements for decoration are constantly appearing on the market, craftsmen try to make images of any complexity.

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