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A wedding bouquet is one of the main wedding attributes. What should be the bride's bouquet? Certainly unusual! Making a wedding bouquet with your own hands is an opportunity to fantasize, combine, choose and eventually create exactly the perfect bouquet that you wanted.

The bouquet should be “clean”, “fresh” and reflect the beauty and purity of the bride. Of course, it should match the wedding dress. It is better if the bouquet itself, or the flowers in it, will resemble the shape of the dress in shape. For example, a bouquet of flowers on a long stem is more suitable for a narrow long dress.

If your dress includes decorative elements in a contrasting color, then it is better to make the bride's bouquet in the color of these elements. If the dress is monophonic, then both a bouquet of a contrasting color (for example, red) and a delicate bouquet will be suitable as the main color of which the color of the dress will be used.

How to make a wedding bouquet with your own hands

To make a bridal bouquet you may need:

  • Floristic foam (or “oasis”) and a bouffant. They can be purchased at florist shops, or by the piece at flower markets. You can do without them, but then there is a chance that the flowers will wither to the endcelebrations. Water is poured into the foam, which nourishes the bouquet for a long time. Although this design will make the bouquet somewhat heavier.
    Main flowers or buds of the composition.
    Cuts of fabric. Usually organza, or other light transparent material that "holds" its shape well. Before buying, make sure that the edge of the fabric is “not frayed”.
    Ribbon for decorating or tying a bouquet.
    Wire (any strong enough), special flower glue, or regular “superglue”.
    Arrangement for flowers. These are all kinds of twigs, asparagus branches, green leaves, etc. In general, everything that is usually in a bouquet complements the main flowers.
    Any other embellishments (beads, ribbons, bows, butterflies, wedding décor and whatever you want)

Technology for making a bouquet

If you decide to make a bridal bouquet with a bosom, then first, cut the floristic foam and put it tightly in the bosom. Let the foam absorb enough water. To prevent the bouquet from falling off at the most crucial moment, be sure to wire the top of the pedestal to its bottom.

At this stage, if you want, you can make a “skirt” of fabric on the bodice. You can fix it with wire.

Cut the thorns from the flowers (if any) and cut them to the desired length. Carefully insert the main flowers one at a time into the “oasis”. Try to insert the flower the first time.

After that, add toarrangement for the main flowers: leaves, buds. Now you can add the rest of the decorative elements. Beads can be glued on thin leaves (make sure that the beads are not too heavy, otherwise the leaves will sag ugly). If you manage to buy wedding decorations on long needles (like butterflies), you can just stick them in the “oasis”.

If you decide to make a wedding bouquet without a bouffant, first tie the legs of the plants with an elastic band, then they can be wrapped with ribbon and decorated with a bow. To make a bouquet, take the largest flower in your left hand and apply the rest of the flowers one by one in a circle to it. If the decorative elements are located inside the bouquet, they must be inserted immediately, because. it will not be possible to do this after bandaging it.

If you want to make wedding decorations from flowers (for example, small bouquets on your hand or on the table), get roses or lilies.

Everything! As you can see, there is nothing difficult in making a wedding bouquet with your own hands. What it will be - depends only on your imagination.

Enjoy your creativity and happy wedding!

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