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Now pumpkin is sold everywhere and I remembered a simple and he althy recipe - pumpkin in the oven. But, by the way, it contains a lot of beta-carotene, which is good for vision, and vitamin E, the strongest natural antioxidant.

So now is the time to get some yellow autumn vitamins. Well, pumpkin seeds can be roasted in a dry frying pan (they are great as a beer snack).

How to choose a pumpkin

It is better to choose pumpkins weighing 3-5 kg. See that her tail “rots away”: in a ripe pumpkin it is dark and dry. The skin should be tight and smooth. If you buy a cut pumpkin, choose the one that has the most orange flesh.

Pumpkin in the oven

My pumpkin, cut into thin slices (if desired, you can peel, but I do not peel - the pulp is well behind the peel when ready).

Put pumpkin slices in a pot of water, bring to a boil and boil for 10-15 minutes. If you immediately put the pumpkin in the oven, it can take a very long time to bake.

Next, put on a baking sheet, sprinkle with sugar. Try to sprinkle only the pumpkin, not falling on the baking sheet otherwise the sugar will burn. It is better to line the baking sheet with a cut baking sleeve, as the sweet pumpkin juice willrun out and bake on a baking sheet (it is extremely difficult to clean the oven and baking sheet afterwards).

After all the preparations, put the pumpkin in the oven, preheated to a maximum of 20-30 minutes. Take out and enjoy a delicious dessert!

By the way, baked pumpkin can be twisted in a blender and made into a pumpkin pie or muffins.

Help the development of the site, sharing the article with friends!