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Sushi and rolls have long ceased to be exotic. Japanese food is so fond of Russian people that numerous sushi bars and restaurants are proof of this. But whatever you say, our mentality, as well as our eating habits, are completely different.

The Japanese attach great importance to the appearance of writing. Even when eating at home. They have everything so neat, in little bowls. And Japanese housewives are highly valued in the ability to needlework, cook and decorate food.

It's another matter for us Russian people: for us to pour a plate of borscht with a piece of bread is a nice thing! It's not that we don't like to decorate the dish beautifully, it's just … we need it to be a lot, cheap and cheerful :)

Therefore, I propose a photo-recipe of the “budget” Russian version: how to make rolls at home.

You will need:

    • nori;
    • crab sticks;
    • lightly s alted salmon or trout;
    • rice;
    • soy sauce.

    So, first we cook the rice. We take the usual “round” rice, sort it out and wash it. Put in a saucepan, pour cold water 1: 2. As the water boils, add 1 tsp. sugar and 1 tsp. table vinegar (based on a glass of rice). Stir (after that, do not interfere anymore!), Reduce the heat and cook until tender.

    Cool the rice to room temperature. Heshould be very sticky.

    After it cools down, we proceed directly to the process. Actually, this is done on a special rug, but since we are making Russian rolls, we will turn them on the table :)

    Rolls will be with crab sticks and slightly s alted salmon or trout. Optionally, you can add cucumber or avocado. Cut the ingredients into strips.

    Now attention! Lay the nori sheet smooth side down. Wet your hand with water and grease the nori. If you mix up the sides of the seaweed, it will shrink very quickly from the water and you will not have time to wrap the filling.

    Next, proceed according to the pictures. If you want to make rolls and sushi like the Japanese do, you'll have to practice :)

    And don't forget the soy sauce.

    An amazing video for a snack. Check it out - it's a must see! To a very high-quality master class on making rolls from the Japanese themselves. Where are we Russians! :)

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