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The main decoration of any savory dish, of course, is “greens”. Parsley, dill, basil, celery - they are not only rich in vitamins and essential oils, but also in chlorophyll, which is vital for us for some metabolic processes. Therefore, it is simply necessary to use greens in winter and summer.Unfortunately, after they were plucked from the garden, they do not stay fresh for so long. How to prolong its freshness and preserve its beneficial properties?

The easiest way to save greens is to cut off the ends and put them in water on the windowsill (like a bouquet of flowers). Just don't leave tender plants in the sun, they will wither quickly.

Don't store greens in a plastic bag in the refrigerator (they rot quickly). Better wash it and wrap it in a clean cloth. This will keep it fresh for three to four days.

You can save greens for the winter with the help of s alting. True, you need to approach this issue ahead of time. In summer, finely chop the washed greens and place in a glass jar, generously sprinkling with s alt. It is enough to close the jar with a regular lid and store in the refrigerator, the s alt will serve as a preservative and the greens will stand for several months. Just when adding it to the soup, do not forget that it is already s alty.

You can also dry the greens for the winter: finely chop it and scatter it in a thin layer over a clean paper sheet. On ourIn the “radioactive” summer sun, such a homemade preparation will be ready in half an hour :) Put dry greens in a jar and store in a dark place all winter.

And, of course, no one has canceled the most “humane” storage method for vitamins - freezing. Freeze parsley and dill along with freezing fruits and vegetables. Finely chop them and pack them into a new sausage-shaped plastic bag. After the greens can be taken out and cut into pieces, it retains all its taste and aroma in this form!

In general, take care of your vitamins and don't get sick!

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