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How can you quickly and simply cheer up the kids and plunge into the days of a carefree childhood yourself? Of course, with the help of soap bubbles. Light, transparent balls that shimmer in the light with all the colors of the rainbow will definitely give a good mood to both children and adults. And at the same time, it is not necessary to run to the store for another small bottle of soap bubbles, but you can try to prepare the solution yourself in any quantity. Here are some ways to make soap bubbles.

The easiest way to cook is as follows. Take 200 grams of dish detergent, add 0.6 liters of water and 100 gr. glycerin, which can be purchased at any pharmacy. By the way, you can’t do without glycerin, because it is in it that the elasticity and strength of soap bubbles consist. Some soap bubble lovers claim that synthetic glue can be added to the solution instead of glycerin, however, such bubbles burst very quickly. So, if you only have glue on hand - experiment, but it's best to purchase glycerin.

The other way is somewhat more difficult than the first and will take a little longer than the first. Take 0.6 liters of hot water and add 300 gr. glycerin, 50 gr. any detergent inpowder form and 20 drops of alcohol. All components must be mixed and let it brew for 3 days. Then strain the solution and refrigerate for twelve hours.

And you can use this recipe: take 4 tablespoons of laundry soap shavings (you need to grate it), dissolve it in 400 gr. water and let stand for a week. After that, add 2 teaspoons of sugar and let it dissolve. Then stir, take a straw and blow bubbles.

To make big soap bubbles, the following recipe is suitable. Take 8 parts of water, mix in it: syrup - 1 part, soap - 2 parts and glycerin - 4 parts.

But don't think that making soap bubbles is easy. Everything requires skill and skill, and each case has its own subtleties and tricks. Do you want your bubbles to "live" longer? Then you need to blow them out in a room with high humidity, and they can live with you for a month or even several.

But it is best to take distilled water for preparing the solution, since blisters are fragile from ordinary water due to the high mineral content. Another substitute for glycerin is sugar with gelatin, which also excellently slow down the drying time of the bubbles. Another tip - add glycerin or its substitute only after a few hours (or at least an hour). This will give the bubbles even more durability.

By the way, try to celebrate the New Year with beautiful soap bubbles. At low temperatures, the same bubbles will appear on your bubbles.beautiful patterns, like on the windows of houses. And if the bubble is carefully placed on the snow, then after a while it will freeze. This amazing sight is sure to please your children!

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