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One day, on my way home from the grocery store, an unpleasant experience happened to me. One of the plastic bags, which was loaded to the top, broke, and all the products rolled merrily down the stairs. Then I had to “crawl” along the porch and collect them in an interesting position. :) Familiar situation? Something like this has probably happened to everyone at least once.

To prevent this from happening in the future, you need to go grocery shopping with the right bags. No, no, do not confuse them with ugly string bags! The bags that we will sew are very beautiful, so the whole supermarket will envy you!

By the way, the same technology can be used to sew a summer beach bag.

Firstly, such bags should not get wet (you never know?!), so we will make them partly from the same plastic bags. Secondly, they need to be durable, so a strong fabric is essential (plain coarse cotton fabric works well).

So, let's take some plastic bags.

Cut out the middle part of them.

Carefully spread the layers of polyethylene between two pieces of fabric.

And iron it. The polyethylene inside will melt. Remember that the fabric must bethick enough to damage the iron.

It turned out like these pieces.

Which you need to try to smooth and steam with a not so hot iron.

You should end up with these pieces:

Cut out letters from a material of a different color.

Pin the letters with pins on one of the parts of the bag.

And zigzag along the edge.

The inscription on the bag is ready.

Now sew handles for the bag.

Sewn bag details

Overlock the edges.

Sew on handles.

The original grocery bag is ready. Happy shopping!

Help the development of the site, sharing the article with friends!