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Do-it-yourself soap is simple, cool and interesting! Handmade soap compares favorably with store-bought soap in a variety of delicious smells, colors and shapes, because store-bought soap rarely smells of vanilla, chocolate or banana.

To treat yourself to a soapy dessert today offers a soap site There you will find soap recipes with photos, unique workshops, soap boxes and much more.

What you need to make your own soap

This soap is very simple. You will need a white soap base (100 gr.), banana flavor (7-8 drops), two food colors - yellow and brown, apricot kernel oil as a base and alcohol. A heart-shaped mold will come in handy, because such a fragrant soap can be presented as a Valentine.

Cut the base into small cubes and melt in the microwave. It is better to melt on medium power, stirring occasionally. Add 1/2 teaspoon of apricot kernel oil, stir well.

Add yellow and brown dyes. Add carefully drop by drop to mimic the color of a banana as closely as possible.

Last add banana flavor,stir again.

Pour the soap mass into a mold, spray the surface of the soap with alcohol. This is necessary to remove air bubbles from the surface.

We are waiting for the soap to cool down and take it out of the mold. Do-it-yourself banana soap is ready. Not to be confused with a real dessert! :)

In addition to the soapy valentine for Valentine's Day, you can make pillows with heart symbols.

Help the development of the site, sharing the article with friends!