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There is very little time left until the spring women's holiday on March 8th. Surely, you already know what you will give to your friends and sister. But as for mom, she needs to give a special gift, one in which you have invested all your soul and skills.

You won't surprise your mother with a simple set of pots or cosmetics. If you invest in your gift fiction and time, then she will not forget such attention, and she will know exactly what you thought of her every minute while you were working on a surprise for her.

If your mom spends most of her time in the kitchen and loves cooking and inventing new dishes, she will surely love a unique recipe book made by you. The recipe book is a great gift in itself. And what about a handmade book?!

You will need:

    • notebook with interchangeable blocks,
    • fabric,
    • needles and threads for embroidery,
    • glue, scissors
    • several sheets of white cardboard or thick paper.

    In the photo and so, everything is shown in detail, but just in case I will tell you. We cut out the “cover” of the future culinary notebook from fabric. We do embroidery on it. Sew a decorative zigzag seam down the middle. We sew a spoon. Gently glue this finished piece of fabricto the notebook as shown in the photo.

    Cut out the inside of the cover from cardboard, wrap it with cloth and glue it on the inside.

    Be sure that mom will definitely not let this book out of her hands, because she will write down all the recipes that she comes up with or remembers. Or maybe she will put this beautiful book in a place of honor in the kitchen so that it is always at hand.

    In any case, everyone will be pleased with such a gift - both mom, and you, and the household, who will be treated to new gourmet dishes.

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