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Have you heard this expression: The remote control from the TV set is a symbol of family power? As usual, this symbol is always lost somewhere. I found the remote control in the most unexpected places - behind the sofa, in the linen closet, and even in the refrigerator :) If your situation is similar, a special cushion with pockets will help you - accustom yourself to put the remote control in a pocket and you will always you will know where he is. Making a sofa cushion with your own hands is very simple.

You will need:

    • cut fabric;
    • sewing machine, thread, needles, scissors;
    • synthetic winterizer for filling the pillow.

    Cut out a piece of fabric of such a size that when folded in half, you get a pillow of the desired size. We also cut out a detail for pockets.

    We process the edges of the cuts with an averlock or a zigzag seam.

    We will pin the fabric for the pockets to the future pillow and outline the “compartments” for the pockets with crayons. Sew them to the main part.

    Next, we sew the pillow as expected. You should get a “pouch”: we will get one side without a seam, since this is the fold of the cut, two will be sewn together, one side should remain free, because through it we will stuff the pillow.

    Stuff the pillow with padding polyester, pin it with pins, as shown in the picture and sew the third side with our hands.

    Here it is - a miracle pillow! Now the remote won't get lost. :) If this pillow seems too ordinary for you, look at other VERY BEAUTIFUL decorative pillows.

    Help the development of the site, sharing the article with friends!

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