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Surely everyone in the house has a dozen old T-shirts. If you are a mother of boys, you will definitely have them. Each mother deals with old children's things in her own way - someone distributes to friends and acquaintances, someone, having carefully ironed, folds “for the future”. If you already have someone to “reanimate” things for, then this idea will surely come in handy.

Without much effort and expense, you can sew such a transforming dress. We will transform into a dress old boyish (or girlish) T-shirts. Even if you don't know how to sew, you can easily handle this dress. The advantage of this method is that even the seam does not need to be processed. Although you can if you want. The fact is that the raw seam of the knitted fabric itself will twist inwards.

By the way, what needlewomen do from old T-shirts: covers for stools, and rugs, and children's hats, and skirts. So old T-shirts are not just rags for you :)

So let's get started. We take a new or irrevocably damaged knitted blouse at the bottom and cut off the bottom.

From old T-shirts we cut out the details for the hem of the dress so that each one is slightly wider than the previous one.

Sew the details (the top of the blouse and pieces of T-shirts).

Well, that's all.

This girl's dress does not have a very bright color of the T-shirts, however, if you take other colors - blue, pink, yellow or green, it will turn out very nice! It is quite possible for a little princess to walk in such a dress with her grandmother in the country or in the garden.

Help the development of the site, sharing the article with friends!