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These savory cheese biscuits go great with beer. However, not only to him. We eat so many sweet things that sometimes we even want to drink tea not with a sugary cake, but with something tasty, but baked without sugar. Surprised by this line-up? But even recipes for cakes with cheese are not uncommon, what can we say about cookies? :) So, I am sure that the appetizer I offer will not disappoint you! Here is her recipe.

For beer cheese cookies you will need:

    • 100 g each of butter, sour cream and hard cheese,
    • 300g white wheat flour
    • spices to taste,
    • on the tip of a knife, s alt and baking soda.

    Preparation of cookies: The flour needs to be sifted. Cut the butter into pieces and add to the flour. Mixing with flour, chop the butter with a knife. Cheese must be grated, soda mixed with sour cream. Add cheese and sour cream to the butter-flour mass. Knead the dough, cool (dough do not freeze and do not cool!). Then roll out a sheet of dough half a centimeter thick.

    Using special molds, cut out different figures - circles, rings, crescents, hearts, stars, flowers. Sprinkle different figures on top with different spices (I sprinkled with cayenne pepper). For example, circles can be sprinkled with coriander, rings with ginger, crescents with cumin, hearts with poppy seeds, stars with red pepper,flowers - sesame seeds. Place the figurines on a baking sheet and bake. You will get a delicious, savory and delicious s alty cookie.

    Also, you can cook crispy onion rings for beer.

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