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Making real cottage cheese at home is very simple. This is especially true, for example, in the summer in the country, where the nearest store is far away, and the choice there is not great.
purchase, for example, from a farmer. A sufficient amount means 8-9 liters of milk, from which about 1 kg of cottage cheese should be obtained.

It doesn't matter if the milk intended for making cottage cheese is not the first freshness, and not even chilled, but slightly sour. Although, in this case, it is still better if the degree of souring in all banks is the same.

Milk from glass jars or other containers should be poured into an enameled bucket, covered with a lid and left to sour in a warm place until a dense top layer is formed. Then this top layer must be carefully removed with a spoon and transferred to a separate bowl. Here is ready-made homemade sour cream, which is best kept in the refrigerator before the first use, where it will thicken even better and acquire excellent taste.

The bucket with the contents remaining in it must be put on medium heat and heated under the lid until the contents become hot, but at the same time it should not boil yet. Whenthe desired degree of heating has been reached, the fire should be turned off and the bucket with the contents should be left to cool to room temperature. After that, it remains only to remove the pieces of cottage cheese from the bucket, put them on a clean rag, tie it in a bundle, wring it out slightly, and then hang this bundle with the cottage cheese over the container, where the remaining excess liquid will drain, that is, reverse. When the drops of liquid cease to stand out on the surface of the nodule, the curd is ready. It can be removed from the rag and transferred to a separate bowl for further storage.

In no case, do not throw away the remaining serum. Boil it and strain through a sterile bandage or sieve. This drink, like kvass, wonderfully quenches thirst in the summer heat. And yet, it can be used to make a wonderful serum mask for hair and face.

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