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New Year is a magical holiday not only for children, but also for adults! After all, it is on this night that it is customary to make the most cherished wishes, and decorating the Christmas tree is a warm and joyful family tradition.For you to spend this unforgettable time with your family working together, I offer a collection of ideas for DIY Christmas toys.

The most environmentally friendly and natural material is wood. In my opinion, these wooden Christmas trees look just wonderful!

Polymer clay Christmas decorations are amazingly festive, colorful and bright!

Felt is my favorite craft material. You can make anything from it - flowers, applications, bookmarks, and educational toys. These green Christmas trees are made from thin felt using buttons and ribbons.

For Christmas trees below, thick felt, natural string and straws are used. Christmas trees are decorated with thin felt, wooden sticks and felt beads.

These Christmas trees also use cottoncloth.

This cute snowman is also made of thin felt.

Fabric Christmas trees are another great idea. Using fabric of different textures and colors, you can get different colorful toys. They sew very easily. And for the legs, you can use wine corks, or specially prepared wooden parts.

This Christmas tree is made from wire and ribbon.

For those who know how to knit, there are countless options for knitted Christmas toys. For example, these Christmas trees are knitted.

And this cutie is crochet, single crochet.

Decorating ordinary balls with this crochet stitch, you will turn it into an original designer Christmas toy!

Knitted snowflakes can decorate not only the Christmas tree, but the whole house. For example, hang starched snowflakes on strings in a door or window opening.

More examples of crochet Christmas decorations.

Knitted homemade balls look amazing!

And these are small Christmas trees made of beads and wires, and beaded snowflakes.

An economical idea is to make a Christmas tree out of wine corks. Plugs need to be painted first. By the way, you can make a Christmas wreath in the same way.

Wonderful felted wool balls will also find their place on the Christmas tree.

And this way of decorating Christmas balls is suitable even for the smallest ones. Just take acrylic paints and decorate the balls. You can also use regular gouache, but this coating is not durable.

And here's another way to decorate a Christmas ball - tightly wrap it with a nylon rope. Maybe not so beautiful, but original :)

I hope you enjoy these New Year ideas. Happy Holidays!

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