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New Year's time is a great opportunity to captivate your child with creativity! After all, there are so many ideas for New Year's crafts - and snowflakes and Christmas trees and toys for her! For moms of little fidgets, I have collected a few paper craft ideas. Some of them require the help of adults (for example, you need to sew on a sewing machine). But this is even for the better, because joint creativity, as you know, unites.

Classics of the genre, of course, snowflakes. And snowflakes are not simple! And very big and sparkling. And they are hung not on the Christmas tree, but under the ceiling. Watch the master class by clicking on the picture.

It often happens that children, carried away by something, cannot stop and do it again and again … :) If you have accumulated a large number of snowflakes, you can make “snow” curtains out of them.

For the New Year's panel, you will need a photo frame and scrapbooking paper.

And for such a candlestick you will need jars of baby food and thin paper for handicrafts.

With older children, you can make a New Year's or Christmas wreath. In general, they can be made from anything - wreaths on the door are one of my favorite topics :) Here I used corrugated paper for scrapbooking, buttons andribbons.

And with such cute Christmas trees you can decorate the whole house. Take double-sided tape and stick them on cabinets, window panes or a refrigerator!

Or sew them on a sewing machine and get a Christmas garland.

Which can then be rolled up and used next year.

You can sew fragments of a garland with a thick needle. Such an activity trains motor skills, but is suitable for “adult” children.

The same principle can be used to sew flags.

Folded in half or whole circles.

Or stars.

And of course you can't do without New Year's cards. This is already needlework for adults, although children can make simpler versions of postcards.

Good luck with your creativity and a happy New Year!

Help the development of the site, sharing the article with friends!