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Barbecues and kebabs in the summer, but with the onset of winter, a fire is not so easy :) However, you can cook delicious baked potatoes at home in the oven.

It is very easy to prepare and is perfect as a dish for the new year.

Small potato tubers are best for roasting, so that the dish cooks faster.

Wash potatoes thoroughly with a brush. You don't need to clean it. Dry the potatoes with a towel, make a few cuts on each tuber, wrap tightly in foil and put on a baking sheet.

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees, then switch it to the “medium heat” mode and place the baking sheet with the potatoes on the very top. After 20-30 minutes, you need to rearrange the potatoes lower. Rotate the tubers periodically so that they cook evenly on all sides. After 1.5-2 hours, the potatoes will be ready.

Readiness is checked with a fork - if the prongs easily enter the root crop, then the dish is ready. Potatoes baked in the oven can be made even tastier if you add toppings to it. To do this, almost ready potatoes need to be cut in half (you can directly in the foil) and put a spoonful of filling in the cut.

As fillings, you can use chopped ham with cheese andmayonnaise; thinly sliced tomatoes and cheese; chopped herbs, garlic and butter; sour cream and any other toppings! After that, put the potatoes in the oven for another 5-7 minutes.

Your guests will surely love this appetizer! Enjoy your meal!

Help the development of the site, sharing the article with friends!