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It's time for holiday surprises and just cute little gifts. Felt toys are not only a wonderful souvenir, but also a decoration for the New Year tree. This step-by-step master class is suitable even for those who have never worked with felt.
You can make a huge number of cute little things from felt: these are toys, needle beds, flowers, and applications for children's clothes ! I just love felt, and today I'll show you how to make a tiny heart-shaped fridge magnet. Which, by the way, can be given as a Valentine.

The technology of tailoring products is always the same. The only caveat - if you have a complex toy, then you should carefully consider in what sequence you will sew the parts.

First, draw or print out the pattern of the toy. I just drew a heart.

Cut out the pattern, put it on the felt and trace around the contour. Then flip the pattern over and trace again. It is more convenient for me to draw a ballpoint handmade, a trace of it still remains inside the product. Pencils and chalk are very bad at drawing on felt.

Cut out the details with sharp scissors.

Cut out a small flower and its core from felt of a different color.

Cut out leaves from green felt.

We grab the middle of the flower and leaves with threads of the corresponding colors and decorate with a bead.

There is also embroidery on my magnet. The embroidery is made with floss threads. The tail of the squiggle is decorated with a bead. At this stage, it is better to use a soft, simple pencil to draw the outline of the embroidery.

The front part of the heart is ready. An important point is that embroidery and all similar decorations must be done at a stage when the product has not yet been sewn. The exception is the sewing of bead eyes on felt animals.

Starting to sew the two halves of the heart. The seam technology is shown in the picture.

When a small unsewn hole remains, we fill the product with a padding polyester with a pencil or a wooden stick.

We also put a magnet there, another padding polyester on top and sew up the hole.

Felt heart is ready. To show the size in the photo, I photographed it next to the pencil. I hope my master class will be useful to those who are just starting to get acquainted with this wonderful material.

Help the development of the site, sharing the article with friends!