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This recipe is just a godsend for those who love Rafaelo sweets. After all, it should be noted that they are quite expensive, and you want to pamper yourself and your family with delicious treats more often.

The ingredients of the recipe are more than affordable, and the result is not much different from real store-bought candies. Homemade sweets are so easy to prepare that you can involve children in the process. I'm sure they'll love munching on homemade sweets!

  • For homemade Rafaelo you will need:

      A can of condensed milk or condensed cream (400 gr). Read the label carefully. In their composition, only milk and sugar should be indicated. If there are any other components in the condensed milk, it is better not to use it in this recipe, as the result may not be predictable.
    • 50g fresh butter.
    • 1-2 handfuls of almonds (you can use hazelnuts or walnuts if desired).
    • Coconut flakes - 250 gr.

    Soften the butter. Do not melt, namely soften. You can put a plate of butter in a warm place or in the microwave for 10-15 seconds. Now you need to thoroughly mix the butter with condensed milk. There should be no separate lumps of oil.

    Add 200 g of coconut flakes to the resulting homogeneous mixture and mix. At this stage, you can add to the mass (or part of it) a littlecocoa powder, then you get chocolate Rafaelo.

    After that, we tighten the bowl with cling film or a bag and put it in the refrigerator overnight. During this time, the coconut crumb will swell, and the mass itself will harden and become like dough in consistency.

    Before sculpting Rafaelo, soak almonds or other nuts in water for an hour and a half. Then peel them off.

    Now it remains to form a ball from the mass, put a nut inside and roll in the remaining coconut crumbs. Home Rafaelo ready!

    Finally, a little tip: if suddenly the mass has not frozen, add a little more softened butter and put it in the refrigerator again.

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