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The most important holiday of the year is getting closer and, probably, every housewife is worried about the question: what to cook for the New Year? I asked my friends and acquaintances to answer it.

When to start choosing dishes for the New Year's table?

Marina, 33 years old.

We start preparing for this family holiday at the very beginning of December. Traditionally, my mother and I are engaged in cooking, so we choose dishes ourselves and make a list of products that the strong half of our family gradually buys over the course of a month.

Olya, 27 years old.

In the New Year, I want something special, a change of scenery, and not stand at the stove, like the previous 364 days. Therefore, my husband and a large group of friends and I rent a table in a good restaurant in advance and coordinate the menu with the chef - everyone orders what he wants.

Anastasia, 21.

We always get together with a youth company, so we don’t really choose the menu. Just in two or three days, we agree on who will cook and bring what with them.

What dishes do you usually cook for the New Year?

Katerina, 25 years old.

Every December 31, my best friends and I arrange a themed New Year - Japanese, Italian, Mediterranean, Georgian … In accordance with the national cuisines of different countries, we cook food - either sushi, or homemade pizza with lasagna, orseafood, etc. Fortunately, on the Internet you can find recipes for absolutely any dish.

Zarina, 30 years old.

First, I make a list of guests who are going to attend our New Year's feast. Everyone has different gastronomic preferences, but since my guests are people close and dear to me, I am well aware of their preferences. I cook dishes of different cuisines, as well as vegetarian ones, to please everyone. By the way, one of the strangest traditions in my family is making ice cream for the New Year :)

Sonya, 37 years old.

We are a close-knit family in which everyone from young to old loves to cook. Therefore, we compose the menu so that everyone is involved. My husband is engaged in meat, my mother bakes pies, I am a salad specialist, and every year my daughter comes up with more and more new recipes for canapes. Here, for example, "Cherry "to the teeth"". What you need: a couple of packages of small cherry tomatoes. We cut off the tops, carefully take out the pulp and fill it with this mixture: Almette cheese, 2 tbsp. cream, finely chopped pickled cucumbers and fresh parsley.

Should we give up traditional New Year's dishes?

Tanya, 24 years old.

No matter how everyone "sings" that Olivier is no longer comme il faut, but a gastronomic atavism of the New Year's table, I do not agree. After all, this holiday in itself is full of all sorts of traditions, one of which is the New Year's table. On mine, for example, there will always be a place for Olivier, herring under a fur coat, pickles, homemade baked ham, "crab" salad and oven-baked chicken.

Polina, 24 years old.

TraditionalNew Year's dishes I update somehow. For example, I add fresh cucumber to a traditional crab salad. Or I make it with shrimp instead of chopsticks. I also always “dress up” salads with ornaments of figuratively carved vegetables and fruits.
What is your favorite New Year's dish that you will definitely cook?

Mashunya, 25 years old.

I can't imagine the New Year without a herring under a fur coat. But you should take only barrel herring for this dish - it has the most delicate taste.

Galya, 30 years old.

We have a private house, so my husband always grills pork ribs or barbecue. The whole street smells amazing!

Lada, 21 years old.

Even on New Year's Eve I have to watch my figure. Therefore, I prepare dishes for myself separately - fruit salads with the same fragrant tangerines and dressing from yogurt or fermented baked milk. I also love Greek salad!

Yulia, 28 years old.

I believe that on the New Year's table there must be juicy meat baked in the oven or on the grill. If there is no way to buy a goose or a duck, I bake a chicken.

Lisa, 26 years old.

I am a supporter of the traditional menu: jelly, Russian salad, crab salad, meat and sausage cuts, marinated mushrooms, sandwiches with red caviar. All this will definitely happen. In addition, I will definitely please the guests with a couple of new salads. For the main course, I will make several dishes - beef stroganoff with mushrooms and mashed potatoes and fried pork ribs, since the meat will be served after a night walk, when everyone is very hungry.

Anechka, 30 years old.

This year I decided to abandon the herring under a fur coat and make a classic vinaigrette. Necessarily on the New Year's table there will be boiled pork, sandwiches with red caviar, as well as funny children's sandwiches.

Stasya, 34 years old.

An indispensable attribute for us is pancakes with red caviar. For hot baked chicken, duck or goose.

Zoya, 33.

I am a supporter of proper nutrition, so I don’t cook with mayonnaise in principle. But I will certainly please the guests with green and Greek salads.

Does your New Year's table menu match the symbol of the coming year?

Alexandra, 34 years old.

Every year, gloss and the Internet offer us "good" and "bad" products for the New Year's feast. I think it's just stupid - eat weed vegetables in the year of the Rabbit, do not cook chicken in the year of the Rooster and refuse beef in the year of the Ox. It is necessary to prepare for the table something with which you can please your loved ones and yourself, because as you celebrate the New Year, you will spend it.

Alina, 30 years old.

I believe in horoscopes, so I try to follow the recommendations in terms of the color of the New Year's outfit, dishes on the table, etc. May the patron of the coming year help me and you live it happily!

As they say, how many people - so many opinions. And it's not so important what will be on the New Year's table, the main thing is that the most dear, beloved and close people gather around it! Happy New Year!

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