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Crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, chicken nuggets are sure to become one of your favorite dishes. After all, they are prepared very quickly and simply.

To make chicken nuggets for 7 servings you will need:

    • chicken breasts - 4 pcs. (you can use chicken fillet);
    • eggs - 2 pcs;
    • breadcrumbs - 4 tbsp. spoons (various mixtures can be used as a breading for nuggets, for example, a mixture of crackers and grated nuts, crackers and grated cheese, and even corn flakes);
    • sesame - 70 gr.;
    • iodized s alt and ground black pepper.

    Wash and dry the chicken breast. Then carefully cut the fillet and cut into pieces 3 cm wide.

    Spread them on the board, s alt and pepper to taste.

    Take a deep plate and beat the eggs.

    On a flat plate, mix the crackers and sesame seeds.

    Heat odorless sunflower oil in a deep frying pan.

    Dip each piece of chicken fillet in the egg, then in the breading mixture, put in the pan and fry for 6-7 minutes. Put the cooked nuggets on paper towels to remove excess fat.

    The main thing is not to overcook the chicken pieces, otherwise, instead of a juicy tasty dish, you risk getting tough chicken croutons.

    Serve chicken nuggets best with fresh vegetables and mashed potatoes. Bon appetit!

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