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Gnocchi is a classic Italian dish. These are oval-shaped boiled dumplings.

Gnocchi are potato, cheese, cottage cheese, with spinach, and even pumpkin! They are usually served with sage, cheese and butter, however, tomato sauce, stewed vegetables and even seafood can be used as a topping.

I offer the classic Italian recipe "Potato gnocchi with cheese".

You will need:

    • Mashed potatoes - six hundred grams;
    • Egg;
    • Wheat flour - one glass;
    • Nutmeg (grated) - ten grams;
    • Cheese (grated) - two hundred grams;
    • Butter - sixty grams;
    • A few sprigs of fresh sage (can be replaced with dry sage or a mixture of Provence herbs), s alt to taste.


    Peel potatoes and boil in s alted water.

    Grate the cheese on a fine grater.

    Mash the potatoes, measure out the desired amount of puree.

    Mix warm puree with beaten egg, nutmeg, s alt into a homogeneous mass. Add half of the grated cheese, then the flour. Knead a smooth dough.

    Shape sausages on a floured board, cut into smallpieces.

    Press each sausage with a fork to leave stripes.

    Cook the gnocchi in s alted water for 5-7 minutes. Important: they must not be overcooked! Drain the gnocchi in a colander and rinse quickly with cold water.

    In a frying pan, fry chopped sage in oil for one minute.

    Place cooked potato gnocchi on a plate, top with oil and top with sage. Top with grated cheese.

    If you are a lover of potatoes, you will surely like fragrant jacket-baked potatoes.

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