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Aising is a culinary mixture made from beaten egg whites and sugar. She usually decorates and decorates various confectionery products. Even a not very experienced chef can cook icing. But in order to make a masterpiece out of this fondant, you will need experience and skill. The icing recipe is usually traditional, only the proportions of the ingredients and the dyes used can change in its composition.

You will need:
• 4 egg whites
• 1 cup powdered sugar
• 1 teaspoon lemon juice • Colors of your choice

Before cooking, place the eggs in the refrigerator for 1 hour, then carefully separate the whites from the yolks. In our recipe, only whites are needed, you can use the yolks at your discretion, for example, cook delicious and fragrant scrambled eggs from them.

Pour the proteins into a special bowl for whipping. Turn on the mixer at minimum speed and start beating. After the proteins turn into a homogeneous mass, add a quarter cup of powdered sugar to them. Beat at medium speed. As soon as the mixture begins to rise in volume, carefully pour in the remaining powder and turn on the mixer at maximum speed. The icing should be airy in consistency. Determining its readiness is very simple - ifthe mixture has stopped spreading over the dishes and clearly holds the shape that is given to it - which means that the icing is ready.

The finished fudge can be divided into several parts, each of which add a dye of a certain color (depending on what you want to make from the icing later). For example, you can divide the mass into three parts - add green dye to one, yellow to the other, and leave the third white. On a cake or any other confectionery product, you will get original bright daisies from the glaze.

You should pay special attention to the choice of dye. It is best to use natural dyes, as they will not cause any harm to the body, and their colors will be no less bright than artificial ones. Yellow is easily obtained from lemon peel, green from spinach, brown from coffee or burnt sugar, red from raspberries or strawberries. The main thing is to show imagination!

You can apply fondant on cookies or pastries using a regular bag. It is done like this. Glaze is poured into the bag, the whole mixture is moved to one of its corners. Then the tip of the corner is carefully cut off, the mixture can be applied by lightly pressing the bag. If you decide to do icing "on an industrial scale", you can purchase a special kit for applying to cookies.

With the help of icing, you can create amazing patterns on cookies! The pictures below show the sequence of actions for decorating cookies with icing. Do not forget. what beforeapply the next layer, the previous one should dry a little. Creative success in the culinary field!

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