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Homemade sherbet is a tasty and fragrant delicacy familiar to many from childhood.

For its preparation you will need:

    • 1-3 cups of milk (The amount of milk determines the firmness of the sherbet. The more milk, the softer the sherbet will be)
    • 3 cups of sugar
    • 150-200 gr. peanuts
    • 47 grams of butter.
    • Cure form

    How to do it:

    Step 1. In a saucepan, mix milk with 2.5 cups of sugar, boil it all. At the same time, make sure that it does not burn, cook over low heat. Cook until the cooked mass thickens. A creamy color should appear during cooking.

    Step 2. While the milk and sugar are boiling, pour the remaining 0.5 cups of sugar into the pan and melt over low heat (you can add 1 tablespoon of water). The sugar should melt and turn brown, this is necessary to give the sherbet an appetizing color.

    Step 3. When the sugar melts, you need to pour it into the pan with the bulk. You also need to add 47 grams of oil there (to give the finished product a glossy sheen). Then mix everything thoroughly.

    Step 4. Fry peanuts in a pan, peel. Can be crushed if desiredinto pieces. Pour it into the bulk.

    Step 5. Pour into a mold for solidification, it can be either a baking dish or any other molds (for example, from sweets - you will get homemade sweets).

    Step 6. Place in a cool place and wait until the treat is completely solidified. If you pour into a large form, then before serving, you need to chop into small pieces. It turns out even better than store-bought sherbet.

    Homemade sherbet can be presented to relatives or friends, beautifully wrapped in wrapping paper and tied with a bow! Try it, you won't regret it! Family and relatives will certainly appreciate your culinary skills! Bon appetit!

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