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Waiting for the New Year is the most wonderful time of the year for both children and adults! An advent calendar with surprises will help make the expectation even more joyful and bright.

The tradition of making such calendars came to us from the West, however, Russian needlewomen fell in love with it!

You can put interesting tasks in the pockets of the calendar for adults (for example, remember the best event of the year, remember the most delicious dish of the year, select the best photos of the year together, etc.)

For kids, these can be small gift toys. For very young children, you can make a calendar of 5-10 digits so as not to make the wait too long. For older kids, you can put notes with tasks or instructions on what to do (sing a song, tell a rhyme …) to get a toy, and where it is hidden :)

Remember to tell your child that the toy or note only “appears” in the pocket on a certain day. At night, Santa Claus or the Snow Maiden will put it there :)

Hope these ideas help you come up with the best waiting calendar ever!

One of the easiest options is a paper calendar. You can make it from scrap paper, wrapping paper, orprint the desired pattern on a color printer.

Wonderful Christmas trees made of felt are not only a calendar, but also a Christmas decoration for your home. You can draw numbers with acrylic paint.

Felt pockets. They are more convenient to sew on a typewriter.

Fabric pouches are an even easier option!

Match boxes decorated with various decorative elements.

Box advent calendar. The base can be glass jars, jars of chips, etc.

Another option for paper bags.

Advent calendar made of flat fudge jars. Round stickers can be printed on a color printer.

Paper pyramids.

Felt Christmas tree with buttons. New Year's felt toys are hung on these buttons. As a result, by the new year we will get a smart Christmas tree.

Enjoy your creativity and Happy New Year!

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