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Delicious felt cakes are just one of the many crafts you can make with this wonderful material. They are very beautiful and very similar to the real ones. And kids love to play with them!

To make these cakes you will need thin felt of different colors, sharp scissors, paper, pen or pencil and decorations. You can decorate felt cakes with whatever your heart tells you: beads, ribbons, beads, curly buttons, rhinestones, threads, embroidery, lace!

If you have never worked with this material, you can watch a simple master class How to sew felt toys. Believe me, it's very easy and fun!

So, I hasten to share with you a beautiful selection of photos! After the pictures, there are links to download patterns and several video tutorials.

To be fair, it should be noted that felt cupcakes are different - voluminous and flat. Flat ones are easy to make even for a beginner.

Here are the patterns! First for simple models.

And now for the voluminous ones.

Scheme of a banana cake with a detailed description in high resolution, you can download below.

A huge pattern and a master class on making a strawberry felt cake. You can download it here:

Two more large patterns can also be found below:

Video tutorial: How to make a piece of felt cake (better to watch without sound).

Beautiful! And most importantly, you won’t get fat on felt cakes!

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