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Everyone loves Kirieshek croutons. True, there is no benefit from such a delicacy. According to experts - one harm. If your family members cannot deny themselves the pleasure of crunching this meal, then it is better not to buy it in the store, but to cook homemade crackers. Of course, you will not make them he althier, but you will be firmly convinced that you do not poison your relatives with all sorts of additives.

Cooking "Kirieshki" is very easy. You will need bread (whatever you like), s alt, spices. You can add seasoning for soup or barbecue. Yes, whatever you like. Better yet, mix your own spices. In bags with ready-made seasoning, there may be all the same harmful "E". And if you mix the herbs yourself, then there will be more confidence in their benefits.

Kirieshek Recipe

The bread is cut into small pieces (preferably seven by twelve mm strips). Although choose the size yourself. Only small croutons are tastier. Then the pieces are poured into a large bowl and seasoned. Here you need to rely only on your taste. Add s alt and seasonings and taste. (If you like garlic, you can squeeze it on bread. If you like paprika, you can use fresh ingredients.)

Then the pieces are laid out in onelayer on a baking sheet. Dry for at least half an hour at a temperature of 150 degrees, stirring occasionally for uniform browning. If you are making crackers for the first time, then look into the oven more often. Since the pieces are small, they can burn quickly. Once the homemade Kerieshki are ready, cool and serve!

Some tips about homemade croutons

Crackers are better when dried on a wire rack. Then they are better fried on all sides. Do not forget to put a baking sheet under the grate so that the crumbs of future "Kirieshki" do not fall on the heating elements. You can also dry them in the microwave, choosing the appropriate mode.

If bread is sprinkled with olive oil, it will turn out even tastier. Only a drop of oil is needed: no more than a tablespoon per kg of bread.

Don't add onions to Kirieshki. They will acquire an unpleasant odor. They don't add cheese to crackers. The natural cheese will melt and keep the bread from drying out. All taste effects in industrial production are achieved by flavoring additives.

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