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Kozinaki is the sweetest dish of Georgian cuisine. This charm is very different from what we are used to buying in the store. And, of course, much more useful than purchased sweets. Real gozinaki is prepared from pure honey and walnuts. Although there can be any variations (depending on which nuts or seeds you like). And honey should not be replaced. It will give delicacy and benefit and a unique oriental taste!

To start, prepare the nuts. Walnuts are fried in a pan. Do not allow them to burn - spoil the taste of the dish! Then peel the nuts and chop. They must be crushed with a knife, and not crushed. You can use whole halves of kernels if you wish.

Pour half a kilo of light honey into the pan. Add two to three tablespoons of sugar. Heat up to a boil. Then cool a little and repeat the procedure a couple more times. As a result, the honey should thicken. If this did not happen after three heating procedures, then repeat again. You need to heat with constant stirring.

When the honey thickens, pour it into the nuts and mix well. This must be done quickly, as the mass quickly freezes. GoodPut the mixed mass on the board and roll it out. So that it does not stick to your hands and the board, moisten everything with water. Can be rolled between two baking bags or wax paper.

After hardening, the layer is cut with a knife dipped in water, and the gozinaki is placed in a box (vase) shifting with parchment paper. Bon appetit!

Tips: if you decide to cook a delicacy from seeds, then they should also be fried. Sunflower seeds do not need to be cut. For a subtle taste, add a couple of walnuts to the seeds. Then they can be deleted.

Honey is heated in the same bowl in which the nuts were fried. You don't need to wash the pan. It should soak in the smell of nuts and fill it with honey.

Very tasty gozinaki is obtained from seeds. If you wish, you can experiment with flax or sesame seeds. You can make them with peanuts. Only frying walnuts before honey is a must. You can then not add them to sweets. Gozinaki with seeds has less calories and a completely different, more refined taste!

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