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Crepe paper is a unique material not only for children's creativity, but also for "adult" crafts. Incredibly beautiful flowers and buds can be made from this colorful and inexpensive material.

What kind of “beast” is this? Simply put, this is a colored thin corrugated paper web. In shops for handicrafts, it is sold in the form of rolls. In the form of ribbons on a reel, such paper can be purchased at florist shops. If you decide to make your own wedding bouquet, then you definitely cannot do without it!

Also, to make crepe paper flowers you will need:

    • wire,
    • PVA glue (or better glue gun),
    • scissors,
    • watercolor or acrylic paint to give the petals a more natural look.

    So let's get started?

    Paper ribbon flowers

    This is a simple technique. It is necessary to prepare long ribbons of crepe paper so that the corrugations are across the length of the ribbon. Then we twist the tape as in the picture, and fix it with glue in the shape of a pretty bud. This method is well suited for making small flowers.

    Big crepe paper flowers

    To make a large flower, you need to fold the paper like an accordion, then drag it in the middlewire and trim the edges of the accordion to make petals.

    It remains only to straighten the finished product!

    Depending on how you cut the edges, you can get completely different varieties of plants. For example.

    And this is the result!

    Beautiful, right? Especially if you use material of different colors.

    Crepe Petal Flower Workshop

    Here is another "tape" way to create the illusion of individual petals on the finished product.

    To create a flower very similar to a natural one with your own hands, you can draw veins and dots with watercolors. It will turn out a real masterpiece!

    Such ornamental plants are quite practical. They can serve as interior decoration.

    Be a decorative element for brooches, hairpins, gift wrapping!

    Or serve as a beautiful artificial bouquet at any celebration.

    Crepe Paper Patterns and Color Charts

    It can be difficult for a novice craftswoman to do without patterns, patterns and templates,so I collected them in one place. By clicking on the picture, you can immediately download the entire archive! Enjoy your creativity!

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