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Felt… how much this word has merged for my heart… But what can I say - felt toys touch, delight and simply delight the eye on a gray rainy day. It is autumn now, and in order not to fall into autumn melancholy, it is worth surrounding yourself with bright colors and positive things. Today I decided to share photo ideas for making felt butterflies.

Patterns and stencils of butterflies at the end of the article. I described in great detail how to make such products in the master class of felt toys. Therefore, in this article about technology - just a couple of words. Basically - positive and joy from the contemplation of bright nyash!

Cute decorative insects make a great decoration for a child's room.

Or for table setting.

Bright butterflies do not even have to be sewn. Ordinary clippings will serve as an excellent decoration for the interior, windows, or the basis for the manufacture of a children's mobile.

But little butterflies that can be used to decorate children's invisibility or hairpins.

Embroidery, beads, rhinestones, beads, ribbons can be used to decorate the product…


Amazing ring idea!

Using felt butterflies in scrapbooking.

Christmas toys.

Amazing brooches.

And for a snack pattern. Have fun!

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