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Amulets and talismans have always guarded their owners. There are a huge number of them. One of them is a dream catcher, which came to us from the ancient tribes of North American Indians, as well as peoples that lived in Siberia.This amulet is very old, but very modern at that time. He came to us from shamanic rituals, but has become a modern symbol of good sleep.

What is the dream catcher for?

The dream catcher was made from a willow branch bent into a circle, as well as intertwined threads with beads, feathers, whoever decides for himself. Now you can buy a wide variety of night dream filters, because it is in this role that it is used, but the effectiveness will be only from those that are made by yourself. Therefore, it is better to make an amulet on your own, and hang it over your bed by this night. And it will provide you with only the sweetest dreams, and they also say that it helps to fulfill your wishes.

The process will not take long, and the result will really please. In addition to the fact that the amulet protects against bad dreams, it will help you better understand your night pictures and dream books. Each bead or feather, attached on its own, will guide you through the world of your dream. dream Catcherleave everything that is not needed in itself. So let's get started!

Dream Catching Workshop

To make a talisman you will need:

    • ring (wooden, bamboo or plastic, available from craft stores);
    • dense rope and thick threads (natural color is better);
    • beads, beads and feathers for decoration;
    • glue.

    First you need to tightly wrap the ring with a rope and fix the end with glue.

    Fix the thread on the finished ring.

    And then start weaving a thread and fasten it with knots as in the photo and diagrams. While weaving, it is better to think about the good, filling the talisman with strength.

    Dreamcatcher works not only as a pendant, but also as a bracelet or earrings. Miniature wicker accessories are perfect for boho or country style.

    Secret of the amulet

    Like all amulets and talismans, the dream catcher has a legend of its origin. One of them says that it was made by a Lakota shaman who had bad dreams. He was very upset by these nightmares. After all, for this people the nightpaintings are very important, as they believe in their power in reality. Therefore, the shaman was always sad.

    And then one day he saw a vision on top of a mountain. The great teacher Iktomi appeared to him in the form of a spider, who told him about how life works. At the same time, he bent a willow branch into a circle, inside which he wove a web. After that, Iktomi said that each person can do good and bad deeds, and much comes from sleep.

    It is this branch that will leave everything bad in its web and pass good through the center. So is the dream catcher. The shaman told what he saw to the people. After that, they began to make them and hang them at their head. This is especially true for children's beds, as they are very sensitive, so their dreams should be protected much more carefully.

    A handmade dream catcher can be a decoration for every home. Have a good dream!

    Help the development of the site, sharing the article with friends!

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