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When kids start learning counting, it is very important to make these activities interesting: not to turn learning into boring lessons, but to turn numbers into cute toys and best friends. Felt is best suited for these purposes. My daughter loves to play with these numbers - they are soft, multi-colored, just fit in a child's pen, they are very nice to squeeze :)

Making figures out of felt is very easy. Moreover, you can also easily make patterns yourself. It is enough to type numbers from 0 to 9 in Word in a huge font and print it out.

After the numbers are on paper, they must be cut out. This activity is not the most fun, but it will do for an audiobook or some movie.

Now the interesting part begins. After you have decided on the color of the felt, you need to circle the numbers with a ballpoint pen (twice in mirror image).

After that, cut out the felt blanks. Now it remains only to sew them. I showed the seam technology in detail HERE, so I will not repeat myself.

It is most convenient to turn the numbers inside out with a slate pencil, or a non-writing ballpoint pen. I stuffed them with padding polyester. The only difficulty is to think about which side to start stitching the number so that you can turn it inside out.

After multi-colored felt figures can be decorated with flowers, butterflies, beads or whatever your heart desires. And don't forget - the winter holidays are coming, so it's time for Christmas felt decorations.

Help the development of the site, sharing the article with friends!