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Felt becomes the basis for the manufacture of many things: toys, fruits, flowers and, of course, jewelry. Today, various handicrafts are in fashion: felt brooches, hairpins, key rings for bags. A handmade accessory will transform an ordinary outfit into an exceptional one.

Easy to make and looks great. Take a pattern, cut out the petals on it. It is desirable to leave an empty seat in the center. Sheathe the blanks with matching threads to make the product look neater. A button is sewn in the center. On the back, the base is glued, to which the base for the brooch is then sewn. That's the whole trick. The field for creativity is huge.

Instead of the base, you can use a regular pin, just sew one leg to the base.

Let's take a closer look at making pretty felt flowers.

    • Felt
    • Floss to match.
    • Needle.
    • Beads or beautiful button.
    • Pattern.
    • Base for the brooch.

    Felt is taken in small pieces - can be of different colors. Cut out the desired amount according to the pattern. The slit in the petals is made to give the brooch a convex shape.

    Thread the needle and sew up the longitudinal cuts. The flowers have become voluminous.

    Attach a button or bead in the center. A base-kruglyashok is sewn from below, covering the wrong side. We fasten the clasp. The felt brooch is ready. We wear it with pride and pleasure.

    Small workshops will help you make the same beautiful brooch, or become the basis for your idea.

    The basis for this beautiful dahlia is also felt. Undoubtedly, this brooch will attract attention, and is made simply.

    Most of the time will take the manufacture of petals. To make them twisted, you need to fix the edges until the glue dries. Otherwise, the material will return to its original shape.

    Then the petals should be planted in rows on the base.

    On the reverse side is a pocket to carry a photo of a child or loved ones.

    Patterns greatly facilitate the work of those who want to get a specific result in the shortest possible time.

    Photos of other people's work often encourage creativity. Many brooches can be made together with children, because this is a very simple and pleasant material to work with.

    AndHere are some more interesting ideas.

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