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Spring starts with Maslenitsa. And let this holiday often falls in February, but the day is already getting longer, and the sun is increasingly pleasing, peeping through the clouds. The beginning of the season of crafts for Maslenitsa also testifies to the approach of heat, because basically these are all kinds of variations of the heavenly body. About what work and what can be done with the children to see off the winter, we will discuss further.

This article has ideas:

    • From paper
    • Quilling
    • From pasta
    • From felt
    • From straw from ribbons and threads
    • From threads and ribbons
    • From plasticine
    • From air plasticine
    • From s alt dough
    • From shortcrust pastry
    • From other materials

    Ideas from paper

    Paper is good because you can create beautiful crafts for Maslenitsa with different levels of complexity from it, so it is suitable for classes with children of different ages.

    For example, in kindergarten you can make a simple paper doll for Shrovetide or the sun.

    For work you will need:

    • colored paper in bright and warm colors (red, orange, yellow)and cardboard;
    • scissors and glue;
    • felt pens and pencils;
    • additional finishing materials (eyes, threads, DVD disc, etc.).

    Work sequence:

    1. For the base, a sheet of A4 colored paper along the long side must be folded like an accordion. Do the same with a shorter sheet of a different color.
    2. Put two accordions together, tie in the middle with a thread, and then fold in half. Glue the edges of the larger accordion in the center and straighten everything a little. The body of the doll is ready.
    3. For the head, you can cut out a handkerchief from colored cardboard, to which, on the front side, glue the face drawn on a white circle of a smaller diameter. On the other side, you can glue a braid woven from yarn.

    The sun is made in a similar way, only you need more accordions of the same length to make a circle, in the center of which there will be a cheerful sunny face. It can be based on an old DVD disc.

    It will not be difficult to make a bright postcard out of paper, where a congratulation on the holiday will be written behind the sun.

    If you take a paper plate for the base of the sun, then it remains only to color it, glue the rays of paper and draw a face.

    Beauty from paper curls

    More complex paperwork techniques includequilling. But even children of primary school age who have never done such work can make worthy crafts for the Maslenitsa contest.

    In the process of making openwork curls you will need:

    • color paper strips;
    • glue;
    • scissors;
    • ruler template for quilling.

    The general sequence of actions for any work in this technique will be the same:

    1. First you need to cut or take ready-made strips of the desired color and twist paper rolls out of them. This can be done quickly by winding the strip around a toothpick.
    2. Then the blanks need to be given the necessary curl shape. You can do this with a ruler or just by hand. For some figures (for example, roosters), the blanks remain round, so they only have to fix the edge of the curl with glue.
    3. Prepared curls need to be collected after that in the composition. Do it with glue. You need to apply it pointwise so that the work looks neat.

    There are several options for how to arrange a finished work. Firstly, it can be an openwork pendant, and secondly, you can make a panel or a postcard by gluing the product onto a cardboard base.

    Not even pancakes…

    Pancakes occupy a special place on the festive table for Maslenitsa, but for crafts for this holiday, other flour products are well suited as the main materialproducts.

    Taking a few pieces of pasta of different shapes, you can assemble a beautiful picture, for which you will also need:

    • blue thick cardboard base;
    • color paper;
    • scissors;
    • simple pencil;
    • polymer adhesive.

    Master class step by step:

    1. Cut out a circle from yellow colored paper, which will be the basis of the sun. Glue it to the blue cardboard rectangle.
    2. Next, use polymer glue to glue rays of pasta of various shapes to the base. The base of the sun can also be filled with pasta or simply decorated around the outline.
    3. At the last step, you need to revive the craft by attaching eyes and a mouth to it.

    The blue cardboard base can also be decorated with clouds, for example, made using the quilling technique or laid out from pasta. In the latter case, they can be painted with white gouache.

    Felt sun crafts

    A whole sea of ideas for inspiration can be found for making crafts for Shrovetide from felt. This material is good because you can work with it both with paper and with fabric. Parts can be sewn together or connected with polymer glue.

    To make a felt symbol of the sun you will need:

    • felt in bright colors;
    • polymer glue or needle and sewing thread;
    • filler (holofiber);
    • buttons, beads, eyes, rhinestones,markers.

    For the simplest option, it is enough to cut out several circles with jagged edges of different colors with curly scissors, glue them together from largest to smallest, and embroider or draw eyes and a smile on the top.

    For more complex work, you need to cut out a large base with rays (there may be several of them and of different colors), and sew a yellow circle to it, not forgetting to put a filler for volume. Then decorate as fantasy dictates. Glue on eyes or heart blush from red felt, draw a smile or attach braids from knitting thread.

    If you stick a piece of magnetic tape on the back of the craft, you get a themed fridge magnet, which will be a decoration after Maslenitsa.

    Straw shear doll

    Straw hairdolls in ancient times were not just toys for children, they were amulets. According to Shrovetide customs, they were most often made from a single bundle of straw, which was bent and twisted like sheaves of wheat during harvesting.

    Shrovetide is a good occasion to introduce children to this type of applied art, since such a doll is fully consistent with the theme of the holiday.

    You will need the following tools and materials:

    • straw;
    • scissors;
    • twineor strong thread;
    • scraps of fabric.


    1. Collect a bunch of 50-70 straws. Twist it in the center into a bundle and fold it in half to make a loop in the center.
    2. Tie up the bundle with thread or twine. Trim ends if uneven.
    3. Next, insert a second shorter length through the bundle and tie it with twine along the edges and at the junction with the body bundle.
    4. The doll is almost ready. It remains only to dress her up in a headscarf and a skirt-dress made of patches of fabric.

    An important point: before work, in order for the straw to bend well and not break, it needs to be steamed. To do this, dry stems are soaked in boiling water for 20-30 minutes, and then simply blotted with a towel.

    Sunny beauty from threads and ribbons

    Cutting threads for knitting and various decorative ribbons can also be used for crafts to make one of the symbols of Shrove Tuesday - the sun.

    The principle of making such toys is the same:

    1. Cut out a circle from thick paper, cardboard or felt, which is designed as a cheerful face.
    2. Rays of ribbons or threads are attached to the base along the perimeter. You can do this with glue, a needle and thread, or simply make holes along the edge, thread them through and fix them by tying knots.

    It will be interesting to look at the work if, apart from the raysadd arms and legs cut out of felt. You can collect rays from threads into ponytails, which you can decorate with bright bows.

    Plasticine postcards

    A greeting card with Maslenitsa can not only be drawn, but also molded from ordinary plasticine. To do this, you need to draw a picture on a sheet of thick cardboard, which you then “colorize”, rubbing plasticine of the corresponding colors in certain areas.

    This image is voluminous and lively due to the fact that with the help of stacks you can give plasticine a different texture. So, on a postcard with a cat, wool is well drawn.

    In addition to thick cardboard, you can use a piece of plywood of the appropriate size as the basis for a postcard, only its edges must be sanded with sandpaper.

    How can I use air plasticine

    Young creators will like to work with air plasticine. This material is good because it is quite light and it hardens in the air, so crafts for Maslenitsa are not deformed and can be taken to school without fear that something will happen to them.

    For what kind of work can air plasticine be used:

    • holiday card by analogy with works from the usualplasticine;
    • various figurines of animals and other attributes of the holiday, which can be assembled into a composition or turned into fridge magnets.

    An important point: it will take from 2 to 10 hours for the craft to freeze, depending on the size of the product, so you need to take this time into account when planning the creative process.

    Sculpt from s alt dough

    S alt dough is the most affordable modeling material. To prepare it, it is enough to mix fine s alt and ordinary wheat flour in equal proportions. Then, adding a little water, knead the elastic dough.

    You can color such homemade plasticine in different colors using gouache for drawing or food coloring. You can also give the mass a beautiful marble color by kneading together two strands of dough dyed in different colors.

    They work with s alt dough, as well as with regular or air plasticine, with the only difference that the craft will need to be dried. This can be done at room temperature for several days or in the oven, which will greatly speed up the process. At 50 degrees, the product will bake in 1.5-2 hours, depending on the size.

    After baking, to give the work a beautiful glossy sheen, it can be coated with acrylic varnish. You can also not color the dough, but color the already dried craft.

    Advice! S alt dough will be heavy even after drying, so you can put crumpled foil inside bulky parts to reduce weight and speed up drying.

    Edible crafts for Maslenitsa

    For children, the best crafts will be those that they can then eat at a festive tea party. Of course, even schoolchildren will find it difficult to make a Shrovetide doll out of pancakes. This task is quite laborious and painstaking. But even younger students will be able to cut out cookies from ready-made shortcrust pastry using cuttings or a thin-walled glass, and paint them after baking.

    You can decorate ready-made pastries with food markers or sugar icing, which is made from egg white and powdered sugar. For one protein, you will need 200-250 g. Glaze can be made colorful using the juices of various fruits (for example, cherry) and spices (turmeric gives a beautiful yellow color) or food coloring.

    In addition to the proven recipe for shortcrust pastry, fragrant dough for gingerbread or cookies is suitable for such crafts.

    Other options using custom materials

    What is ordinary things for a simple person, then for another is a valuable material for the realization of their creative ideas. So, even garbage bags can turn into crafts, only they must be the right color. And from scraps of yellow yarn, you can knit an amigurumi sun. In addition to garbage bags and yarn, crafts for Maslenitsa can be made from disposable tableware (plastic forks), PET bottles,cotton pads and more.

    We hope you like our ideas. and for a snack - a set of cards for Maslenitsa 2023! Let them bring you joy!

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