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Some believe that sellers of beautiful toys and postcards came up with Valentine's Day so that couples in love would buy stale goods from them. Actually it is not. The holiday has its own history and traditions. In order not to delve too deeply into history, let's say that history began in Rome back in the 1st century. And the day of celebration was appointed by Pope Gelasius in 496. So in Europe this event is very ancient. The celebration began relatively recently, but the tradition of giving romantic gifts has been preserved.

Girls are especially waiting for this day in anticipation of their favorite romantic gestures, unusual gifts. But the guys have to try and figure out what to give the girl on February 14.

Choose an idea:

    • Budget, inexpensive gifts
    • Unusual gifts for your beloved:
    • Most romantic surprises
    • Practical joys
    • TOP gifts.

    Budget-friendly, inexpensive gifts for Her

    You don't have to be a Rockefeller to surprise your loved one on Valentine's Day. It is enough to present a little thing that will be dear to the heart of the chosen one:

    • Author's desserts. You won't find a girlwho does not like sweets. Therefore, it is very appropriate to give original sets of sweets and fruits, created by individual order for every taste.
    • Set of chewing gums "With Love". Each wrap contains love tips and interesting facts.
    • Paired mugs in the form of halves of a heart - a cute surprise and a joint tea party.
    • A set of elite tea or coffee is suitable for true gourmets.
    • A mug with a heat-sensitive surface that displays a heart or a girl's name when heated.
    • Paired t-shirts not only with names, but also with halves of the heart - budget, cute and romantic. On the Internet you can find many options, both serious and comical.

    • The housekeeper on the wall in the form of figures of a man and a woman is a very definite hint of living together.
    • Original stand for rings or earrings.
    • Homemade vase decorated with paper hearts. You can dig a vase without decor in the store, and decorate it yourself.
    • A group photo in an interesting original frame.
    • Heart Selfie Light Stand is perfect for a young blogger.
    • Declaration of love on the pavement under the windows. It can be laid out with candles, flowers, sparklers, just draw with chalk.

    Original unusual gifts for your girlfriend

    When you already have a long-term relationship, you want to give your girlfriend something unusual, special on February 14:

    • The star map will remind you of your significant date together. Such cards are madeto order.
    • The "Impression Bank" is also made to order. You can put your wishes into it.
    • Love quest - you can think it over yourself by making notes with tips and tasks and hiding them around the apartment.
    • Luminous cushions look funny in the dark.
    • Bouquets of small soft toys or a bouquet of sweets. These souvenirs are made to order.
    • A large heart-shaped fridge magnet with a notebook in the middle where a guy can write down his girlfriend's Valentine's Day greetings, a card and words of love.

    • "Eternal" rose, which is sealed in a flask.
    • Portrait of the chosen one made by the artist in an unusual technique.
    • Fortune cookies can be given during a romantic dinner.
    • For a business lady, a flash drive in the form of lipstick is suitable as a souvenir.
    • Paired jewelry in the shape of a heart or the words "I love" touches the heart of a beauty.
    • The issue of a popular women's magazine, made with a portrait of your beloved on the cover. You can make it yourself if you have a color printer or order it in the studio.

    The most romantic surprises for February 14

    But it turns out that not all girls like diamonds. There are ladies who prefer touching unpretentious, but always romantic surprises on Valentine's Day. So the guys in this case will have to think about what to give the girl on February 14, 2023. If there is absolutely nothing in the headcomes, you should heed the following tips:

    • Heart sculpture made of red or pink balloons.
    • Edible love message card. Usually it is made to order, with the name of the chosen one.
    • Night lamp with the inscription: "I love you" in different variations.
    • Stylized lavender - as a symbol of tenderness and touchingness.
    • Scented heart-shaped candles to place in your bedroom or bathroom.
    • The figurine is your joint, made to order. Depending on the craftsmanship of the maker, it may come out very similar.
    • The figure of a bear made of fresh roses will surely amaze even the most romantic nature.
    • One big mitten so that we can warm our hands together on walks together.
    • Handmade heart-shaped soap or custom-made candles are very beautiful and romantic.
    • Joint diary - suitable for a lady with whom you recently started dating. You can conduct it together, recording interesting and funny events.

    • Special gloves for touch gadgets will help the chosen one to use the phone on the street in any weather.
    • Silver bracelet engraved with gentle words on the back.
    • Yin-Yang cat pillow will be a wonderful addition to your girlfriend's interior.
    • A jar of live butterflies is perhaps one of the most romantic gifts for a lady. A girl who is not afraid of insects will appreciate it. This needs to be known in advance.
    • Romantic rooftop walkhometown - very budget and very romantic. It is only worth considering the entire route so that it is safe.
    • Video presentation of memorable joint photos. The video can be ordered in the studio. Or do it yourself if you understand computer programs.
    • A personalized wall calendar with unforgettable moments of life together. You can hang it on the workplace and remember the pleasant moments in life.

    Giving practical gifts for Valentine's Day

    If your beloved is not prone to romanticism and prefers practical applications for everything, then you can choose the appropriate gift on Valentine's Day:

    • Thermos. Oddly enough, but just such a gift with hot coffee will be very romantic on a cold winter day. You can see the guy's concern. The choice of thermoses in stores is diverse in shape, volume and color.
    • Jewelry box. In the store you can find single-level, if there are few jewelry, and multi-level, if the chosen one loves a lot of earrings, rings or pendants.
    • A personalized bathrobe or just a dressing gown can become a dress code in a cozy home.
    • The diffuser with incense sticks is a stylish present, although not quite an ordinary one. This home fragrance works without additional pressing, filling the room with a pleasant aroma.
  • gift idea for a girl on Valentine's Day
      For girls with an active lifestyle, a fitness bracelet is appropriate as a surprise. This gadget has many useful functions: pulse measurement,number of steps, pressure; outdoor walk reminder.
    • Fur earmuffs in winter will be very handy to once again show your concern for your beloved.
    • An e-book will please the intelligent person.
    • Tickets to a theater or concert to a popular production or favorite singer.
    • In continuation of the previous idea, a cross body would be an appropriate option. This is a small bag that is worn on the belt. You can put small things in it: keys, hair tie, phone, so that they do not interfere during training in the fitness room.
    • The map of the world will be appreciated by a lover of travel. It will be especially interesting to mark on it jointly visited places.
    • A heart-shaped handbag for a romantic and gentle nature.

    Top gifts 2023 for girls

    There are gifts that are appropriate everywhere and always, especially on Valentine's Day, but for some reason guys forget about them:

    • Marriage proposal accompanied by a diamond ring. Such a gift will take anyone's breath away.
    • A huge bouquet of your favorite flowers is a great gift if you are already married or a marriage proposal has been received.
    • Decorative cosmetics. A woman of any age is delighted with a palette of lipsticks or eye shadows from a famous brand, or a set of brushes for applying makeup.
    • Caring cosmetics will please the chosen one if she does not use decorative ones. But at the same time, it monitors the condition of the skin, hair and nails.
    • Expensive luxury perfume. From such a surprise, not a single girl will remain indifferent.
    • Technical products for hair care: curling iron, hair dryer, flat iron are also always relevant. Even if the girl already has it, it doesn’t hurt to have such a little thing in stock. After all, a hair dryer or iron can break at the most inopportune moment.
    • A joint portrait based on your photo in the style of pop art will appeal to the chosen one who is passionate about modern art.
    • Beautiful pajamas. Cozy sleepwear is guaranteed to be appreciated by the lady. After all, after sleeping, she will give her boyfriend a great mood and gratitude.
  • Flowers are the best gift for a girl on Valentine's Day
      Lace peignoir will suit lovers of chic even in their sleep. Not everyone will buy such an accessory, but no one will refuse a lace surprise.
    • The breakfast table is served with breakfast in bed.
    • A set of towels with the inscription "I love" or "I love you". Useful in all occasions.
    • Certificate for a series of relaxing massages or spa treatments.
    • Goods for creativity. Almost every girl is fond of some kind of hobby. It can be sewing, knitting, drawing, scrapbooking, embroidery and much more. Any activity is an occasion to give a pleasant and practical gift.
    • Certificate for dance and singing lessons suitable for joint attendance.
    • Portrait photo session - every girl definitely dreams of it. Seeing yourself as delightful, mysterious, charming - what could be nicer.
    • Jewellery is an appropriate gift for the girl of your dreams.

    Now guys should have no questions and doubts about what to give a girl on February 14th. The main thing is that it should be from a pure heart and with love. Then your gift will be the most expensive and best.

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