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Shrovetide has come - open the gate! This is how this ancient folk holiday was always celebrated in Russia. Maslenitsa is celebrated not for one day, but for a whole week before the strictest fast of the year. Therefore, everyone celebrates on a special scale.

During Shrove Tuesday, every day has its own special name and meaning. Accordingly, every day there is a different reason to give a beautiful and original postcard. For example, on Wednesday - gourmet day, we give cards with goodies to lovers of sweets. And on Friday, the mother-in-law with pancakes is waiting for her congratulations. On Sunday, it is worth giving postcards to everyone, both relatives and friends, and just passers-by. After all, seeing off Shrovetide personifies the departure of winter, and with it the departure of diseases, hunger and other hardships.

Giving traditional cards

The main treat for the festive week are pancakes. They are stuffed with various fillings and treated to guests. Classic format postcards depict plain pancakes with red caviar, honey, sour cream, on a table with an old Russian samovar.

Cool postcard for Maslenitsa 2023!

And another symbol of the farewell to winter is the straw effigy of Maslenitsa,which is burned on Sunday, saying goodbye to winter. The image of such a scarecrow is perhaps the most popular for traditional postcards.

Retro Shrovetide Postcards

This holiday came to us from pagan times, so it has retained many traditions, rituals and signs. During Shrovetide week, all the people rode sledges, from hills, in sledges. Therefore, postcards of the old days often depicted this fun.

And they also danced around the fires, and on Sunday around the carnival. These scenes were also in the attention of postcard artists. Postcards in retro style are very beautiful and original.

Comic congratulations

Where there is fun, there will always be jokes. By presenting a postcard with a humorous congratulation, you can cheer up and cause a smile of approval. It is especially customary to play a trick on the son-in-law over his mother-in-law. That's where there is a fantasy run wild! In any case, no one is offended by humor and jokes these days.

Homemade postcards

At present, more and more often we give cards on the Internet, send them to instant messengers, post congratulatory posts on social networks, and send them by e-mail. All these options are good when there is no opportunity to personally congratulate loved ones.

The most pleasant gesture would be giving from hand to hand, in person. To do this, you can build a postcard for Maslenitsa with your own hands. It is worth choosing a postcard you like from us and print it on a color printer. As a basis, you cantake plain cardboard, photo paper, or plain thick paper.

Postcards for Maslenitsa are a great opportunity to introduce modern children to primordially Russian traditions, life, to instill a love for our history and Maslenitsa customs.

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