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On the eve, men begin to have a headache from questions about what to give on March 8 not only to their loved ones, but also to female colleagues. After all, a gift should be original, sweet, not hinting at anything and, most importantly, affordable. What cannot be considered at all is corrective cosmetics, pots and other similar utensils, and overly playful and funny gifts. All other options are your choice. Look, guess, choose unusual gifts.

    • Inexpensive gifts
    • Practical gifts
    • Cute gifts as a sign of attention
    • Collective adventures
    • Memorable gifts
    • Give individual gifts
    • DIY gifts

    Inexpensive gifts for colleagues

    As a rule, the budget of male colleagues at work is significantly limited. And in any case, I want to give something interesting, unique. There are options for inexpensive souvenirs that will make girls smile and cheer up, choose from the list:

    • From a series of inexpensive gifts, we give mugs. It is difficult to imagine a modern business woman without a cup of aromatic coffee at the workplace. Therefore, such a gift is very, very handy always.So:

    - mug with animals inside,
    - double-wall glass mug,
    - toucan print mug by Sass and Belle?
    - custom design mug ,
    - a mug with a spoon and a lid, - a glass with a picture of a dog.

    Cool mugs for March 8 for colleagues
    • A jar of elite coffee will come in handy for those who like to drink coffee at the workplace.
    • Sanitary gel for hands with sparkles or glitter is a very practical surprise to keep the lady's hands always and everywhere clean.
    • Delicious tea - from the category of gifts, which is better to take home and enjoy in solitude:

    - masala tea with spices,
    - green tea with rose petals and mango,
    - honey tea "Spicy mulled wine",
    - hot chocolate from carob, with strawberry and banana, - apricot urbech.

  • gift set for colleagues on March 8
      Original wall decoration "Dreamcatcher", drives away bad negative dreams.
    • Lip balm in beautiful individual packaging. Only it is worth choosing a quality product, without dyes and strong odors.
    • Cushion with extra heating.
    • A vase in the form of a crumpled package is an original solution to modern design.
    • Aromatic diffuser with an interesting or neutral design.
    • Molds for baking muffins or scrambled eggs.
    • Plate with separated zones, cells.
    • Bookmarks for books will doboth business women and those who like to read a detective novel: silicone bookmarks, magnetic, glowing in the dark, leather in the form of hearts.
    • Chocolate card
  • Chocolate card for March 8
      Spring flower shaped pens or other cute stationery.
    A flower pen is a great gift for colleagues!

    Practical gifts for lovely employees

    For business girls in 2023, practical surprises will be relevant:

    • Yoga mat is suitable as a present for a sports girl who watches her figure.
    • The interior always needs a box, dear, with a painting. In such a little thing it is convenient to hide jewelry, jewelry and other small items.
    • Fitness bracelet will be greeted with a bang by modern young women. Especially if they play sports and lead a he althy lifestyle.
    • Anatomic pillow that remembers the position of the human body.
    • Professional makeup brush set. Useful for any girl, even if she does not use decorative cosmetics.
    • Copper cezve with an original design for lovers of coffee in the morning.
    • Mug stand. A handy and practical item for use in the workplace without leaving stains or marks:

    - silicone coasters in the form of some kind of fruit,
    - stand in the form of Van Gogh,
    - with additional USB heating to keep the drink warm,
    - stand with design "Koala on the cloud",
    - set ofseveral coasters for collective tea drinking, - coaster with the original inscription about the work.

    gift ideas for March 8 for colleagues
    • Natural fragrance for linen closet packaged in a beautiful sachet.
    • Set of makeup sponges. Only choose quality ones in the company store so that they do not fail after a week of use.
    • Blocks for notes or a cute notebook will be relevant for almost everyone: for business girls and for creative ones:

    - notepad with holographic cover,
    - leather-bound notepad,
    - notepad with streakers and pen included,- spring with bright print and clasp .

    • An organizer or pen holder to keep your desk tidy.
    • Ballpoint or gel pen in a stylish box: with spare refills, with a decorative crystal, in the form of a cactus in a pot, with gold filling.
    Pack gifts for colleagues beautifully

    Cute gifts for colleagues as a sign of attention

    A souvenir can be small, cute, but useful to use. What to give to colleagues on March 8 in this spirit, you can choose any idea from the proposed options:

    • An anti-stress toy Newton's Ball will always come in handy on your desktop.
    • Biofireplace is a modern solution for stress relief in the workplace. The desktop version is small in size and takes up very little space, and also helps to relax and get distracted fromwork problems.
    • Keg with original jam: with mint or rose petals and nuts. I wonder when the name engraving was applied.
    • Table mirror for face care and makeup application.
    • Wireless computer mouse.
    • Headphones wired and wireless: with headset and case, just with organizer case, sports headphones, neckband earbuds, with headset and case.
    • Portable phone charger.
    • Universal drink bottle.
    • Fortune cookie set.
    • Bath bombs.
    • Handmade rose-shaped soap.
    • Original umbrella.
    • Thermal mug or thermo glass.

    Collective adventures

    Joint gifts are prepared, if the team of the female half is the majority and it is simply unrealistic for each to prepare an individual gift for March 8. Additionally, it is worth considering the main age of the heroes of the occasion and interests:

    • gift certificates can be for any amount and to any store: sporting goods, home appliances store, bookstore, any cosmetics store.
    • A board game can be any: Scrabble, Evolution, Monopoly, Scrabble and others.
    • Tickets to a concert of a famous singer or to the theater for the premiere of the play. A great option for a joint holiday.
    • Release from work of all women on the eve of the holiday.
    • Quest tickets.
    • Musical evening with dinner at the restaurant.

    Memorablegifts to employees on March 8, 2023

    Here you need to focus on those items that will bring positive emotions. Suitable gifts that will make you smile every time you use them:

    • A warm soft blanket to keep you warm in the evenings near the TV.
    • A box of delicious handmade chocolates or chocolates.
    • Decorative lamp in the shape of a waterfall with backlight. Very calming and soothing.
    • USB fan, a very useful portable item.
    • Soft footrest helps with varicose veins, swelling and simple fatigue.
    • Aroma lamp for home use: in the shape of a cat, essential oil to the lamp, a gift set of a lamp and several types of essential oils.
    • Photo frame.
    • For the sweet tooth - gift jars with honey. A great option to quench your thirst for sweets.
    • Flash drive with engraving.
    • Eternal wall calendar.
    • Set of scented candles.
    • Shawl or scarf around the neck
    • Set of wine glasses.
    • Stylish French press.
    • Decorated passport cover.
    • An umbrella is a universal gift for a woman.
    • Key holder with the symbol of the year of birth.
    • Flowers in pots are a great option for March 8th if you don't want your bouquet to fade after a few days.

    Don't forget to accompany your gift with a beautiful card or greeting.

  • Give individual surprises

      A ticket or certificate to attend a practical handicraft workshop. Suchthe gift is given according to the woman's hobby.
    • Holders for smartphones. Here you need to focus on phone models: a neck holder, on a flexible leg, a stand in the form of an elephant, a holder in the form of a spider, a silicone holder with a tripod, a holder with a clip.
    • Coloring-antistress.
    • Diamond embroidery.
    • Medals, signed cups. Name engraving available.
    • Rollerball with an interesting aroma: sea air, Provencal meadows, Pina Colada cocktail, with the aroma of a garden after a summer rain, the Caribbean Sea, the aroma of a chocolate dessert.
    • Scratch-picture - interesting in that the image appears after erasing the top layer. Suitable for lovers of surprises.
    • Custom engraved writing board.
    • T-shirt with photo.
    • Headset for music lovers.
    • Sensory gloves for using your phone in cool weather outside.
    • A small piece of jewelry, there are more than that on the eve of the holiday there are always big discounts on them. Basically, pendants are appropriate for colleagues as a gift.
    • Radio search engine for a bunch of keys. A comical and at the same time useful present.

    DIY gifts

    Not everyone can build a present on their own. But there are simple, unpretentious options that even an amateur can master:

    • Glass jar candlestick.
    • Aromatic sachet for women's car.
    • Chocolate in a handmade wrapper.
    • Homemade postcard.It can be selected online, printed and decorated with additional decorative bows and flowers.
    • Wall newspaper with funny and cute stories about girls, decorated with photos.
    • Candy bouquet. It can be made for each woman individually.
    • A humorous performance in the style of a skit will amuse both the heroes of the occasion and their gentlemen, and male colleagues.
    • A film made from corporate photos and videos.

    Don't forget that it's better to add a cute bouquet of flowers to every small present. It doesn't have to be roses. Not all ladies, by the way, love them. What to give colleagues on March 8? This question should no longer arise. Well-designed, positive, small gifts are great for creating the right festive atmosphere.

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