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The Maslenitsa holiday came to us from ancient pagan times. This Slavic holiday has survived to this day almost in the same form as it was celebrated by our distant ancestors.

On Maslenitsa week, people say goodbye to winter and meet the long-awaited spring. From Monday to Friday, people walk and have fun, inviting the red sun to quickly change the cold winter days. The holiday is celebrated before the Great Lent, therefore it has a special meaning for the common people: to walk up and eat their fill before the great abstinence.

Each day of the week has its own name and meaning, so every day you can congratulate friends and relatives separately. For example, on Wednesday, on Lakomka, it is customary to go to the son-in-law to the mother-in-law for lengths. On this day, you can prepare a congratulation on Maslenitsa in pictures for your mother-in-law.

But on Friday, congratulations in pictures should be prepared by the mother-in-law to her son-in-law when she goes to visit him for pancakes.

On Saturday, at the Zolovka gatherings, congratulations are waiting for the daughter-in-law. And on the last day of Pancake week, on Forgiveness Sunday, you can congratulate absolutely everyone on the end of winter.

Giving classic picturescongratulations on Maslenitsa

Damn - is considered a symbol of the sun in the celebration of seeing off winter. Therefore, pictures with photographs or images of pancakes will also be relevant for Maslenitsa in 2023. Usually they are depicted next to a classic painted samovar. Pancakes can be just stacked or stuffed with red caviar.

Picture-congratulations on Maslenitsa

Beautiful pictures are accompanied by congratulations in verse or prose. Therefore, you should choose to your liking, which ones you like best.

Classical congratulations include pictures of the farewells of winter themselves, when on Sunday they burn a stuffed carnival and call on the god of the sun Yarilo. This is a very bright event, and according to Maslenitsa traditions, a scarecrow is dressed up in an unusual and bright way.

Retro style pictures

The image of the old Russian festivities is striking in its originality. Russian men, women and children, dressed in ancient clothes, in caftans, sheepskin coats, ride on troikas of horses with jingling bells, a dance of girls dances around the fire, young people ride sledges from an icy mountain in a company.

Picture-congratulations on Maslenitsa

Such pictures very clearly show the modern generation the history and customs of our ancestors, captivating with originality.

Giving funny pictures with congratulations

All week long people are having fun, joking with each other. Therefore, it is appropriate to give pictures with humorous content. This is a great way to play a trick on relatives when you just can’t be offended. Especiallyconcerns the son-in-law and mother-in-law, about whom there are so many jokes.

We give pictures in any way possible: via the Internet via instant messengers, sending by mail or courier, or in person.

Picture-congratulations on Maslenitsacongratulations on carnival

With Shrovetide!Congratulations on Shrove Tuesday in pictures

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