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Beautiful and original holiday: Easter. We celebrate it every year in a different way, there is no specific time. The day is assigned to the next weekend after the first full moon following the day of the equinox in the spring. That is why the holiday cannot be celebrated on the same day of the calendar every year. No gifts are provided for this holiday, but an interesting beautiful postcard for Easter will come in handy.

A little history of the Orthodox holiday

Easter is the main event for Orthodox Christians. And it is timed to the resurrection of Christ after his crucifixion. Back in the ancient Roman Empire, Jesus was sentenced by a prosecutor to a painful death by crucifixion on a large cross.

In those ancient times, the punished were forced to carry a large heavy cross on themselves to Mount Golgotha - the place of execution, where they were nailed to this cross and left to die. Within three days, usually the punished left our mortal world.

The specific date of Christ's death is unknown. When the tragedy happened, he was wrapped in a shroud, laid in a coffin in a stone cave until Saturday burial. Only on the appointed day, the myrrh-bearing women did not find Christ in the cave. Themmet an angel and announced a miraculous resurrection. From here the holiday began.

Giving cards for Easter

On this holiday, they not only congratulate each other on the birth of Christ, exchanging greetings at the meeting: “Christ is Risen!” - “Truly Risen!”, but they also give beautiful postcards. By the way, they can be presented and not in person.

If it is not possible to come to visit, you live far away, then you can send a postcard by mail or via the Internet. It is very simple to do this: for a classic congratulation via mail, choose the option you like on our website, print the postcard on thin cardboard, sign it and send it by mail.

And it's even easier to do it via the Internet: choose the card you like, download it for free and send it with warm wishes to WhatsApp, Viber or Telegram to the person you want to congratulate. And if you want to congratulate all your friends on social networks, then just download it again for free and put the card in the feed, and all subscribers will see it.

Classic postcards in 2023

Easter, Easter cakes and colored eggs are considered symbols of the holiday. These symbols are always depicted on postcards of the traditional style. It can be a beautifully set table with a large decorated Easter cake or a dish full of colorful Easter eggs.

In this case, eggs on postcards can be depicted in a gift box or simply lie in a nest. Pictures are a mustare accompanied by congratulatory inscriptions: “Happy Easter!”, “Happy Easter!”, “Christ is risen!”, “Peace and Happiness to your home!”, “Let Easter bring only Love and Kindness to your home!”

Easter cards in modern style

Currently, there are many options besides the traditional images on Easter cards. Funny pictures with cats, cute chickens that congratulate you on Easter are depicted in modern graphics. By the way, here is a site with beautiful Easter cards. Come in, watch and choose what you like!

Coloring cards, postcards in the style of minimalism also have a place. Currently, everyone can choose the Easter card they like the most, download it for free on our website and present it to friends and family.

Help the development of the site, sharing the article with friends!