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During the year there are several holidays when we women can honor our strong half - men. One of these days is February 23, Defender of the Fatherland Day.

For their beloved husbands and boyfriends, ladies will definitely come up with something original. But what to give to colleagues on February 23, you can think of not right away. First of all, the question of the budget arises: expensive presents may not be affordable, and very cheap ones do not suit in appearance.

We present different ideas and gift options, among which there are sure to be interesting and unusual for your colleagues.

In this article:

    • Basic rules for choosing a present
    • Giving inexpensive gifts
    • Give original souvenirs to colleagues
    • Practical gifts
    • Cute gifts as a sign of attention
    • Collective options
    • What absolutely should not be given on February 23rd

    Basic rules for choosing a present for February 23

    We pay attention to how to choose the right one, how to present it more interestingly and what nuances to pay attention to first of all:

    • It is better to prepare for congratulations in advance,about a month before the holiday. This is done so that all the girls of the team have time to participate in the discussion and take the initiative in choosing a gift.
    • It is necessary to pre-calculate the budget for gifts. To do this, determine the cost of one and multiply by the number of heroes of the occasion.
    • In the creative process, you need to decide whether the gifts will be the same or different according to everyone's taste. In the second case, it will be more difficult to navigate both the price and the gift itself.
    • Determine the direction of the souvenir: either it will be neutral, for use at work: or personal.
    • We recommend focusing on practical options, because most men are not prone to romanticism and prefer useful gizmos.
    • In addition to the surprise itself, it is worth considering how to give it. It is necessary to think over such a moment as a congratulatory word or even a corporate party.

    Giving inexpensive gifts

    Let's start with budget options, when there are most men in the team, and everyone wants to do something nice:

    • Traditional dry rations - like serving colleagues. Another gift can be made in military style, in khaki boxes.
    • Real Emergency Survival Kit - best to pre-order engraving with name or initials for each guy.
    • Mug in the form of a grenade or with a handle similar to a pistol. This is suitable for both tea and coffee.
    • Diary -useful anytime, anywhere to write down the requirements of the boss and plan your working time.
    • Neocube
    • Mug with personal photo.
    • Keychain - anti-stress, which will distract you from work in tense minutes and allow you to restore strength.
    • Car interior organizer.
    • Wall calendar - nice and practical for any colleague working in the office and beyond. You can also hang it at home.
    • Luxury fragrance for the car or a set of special small bottles.
    • Desk pillow for hand.
    • Soap brewed by hand in the form of a roach or a sandwich with black caviar, and also in the form of a grenade, a mine or a soldier's number.
    • Military themed key chain - budget-friendly, always welcome.
    • Specialized water bottle - will help keep him in shape and eat he althy.

    Giving original souvenirs to colleagues on February 23

    Such surprises don't have to be expensive. They should attract attention and excite the imagination. This list contains interesting and funny gizmos that will help you decide what to give colleagues on February 23:

    • Computer mouse, which is attached to the index finger. Immediately it seems that it will be uncomfortable. But you quickly get used to it.
    • The warming glass holder is a great idea for the car or just at work to warm drinks.
    • Military bath set: Hat, mitten, broom - everything is decorated in a military theme.
    • Organizer for business papers and documents. You can choose moreand with a built-in power bank to recharge your phone or other gadget at a convenient time.
    • Logic challenging puzzle. You can buy these and give each one a different one, so that it would be interesting to exchange experience and assembly ideas.
    • Desk clock - no matter how trite, but very practical.
    • Keychain for finding keys. It is no wonder, when there are a lot of documents on the table, to lose calls from the house or car. The keychain will help in such a situation to find them.
    • Rubber computer keyboard, very convenient to carry, especially when working on a tablet.
    • Small design barrel.
    • Original mouse pad.
    • Table clock in camouflage.
    • A box or chest for storing bottles of alcohol.
    • Stand for your phone to make it convenient to charge.
    • Chocolate postcard. Why not please your colleagues with a sweet treat?
    • Camo passport cover.
    • Souvenir version of liquor bottles.
    • Chocolate fish or any other chocolate object indistinguishable from the real one.
    chocolate fishA cool gift for colleagues - a chocolate bar with their faces :)

    Practical gifts

    Almost all guys are deprived of romanticism in the female sense. They love the clarity of the application of things, their practicality, so we offer gift ideas in this direction:

    • Soldier bath towel.
    • Coffee mug with automatic stirrer.
    • Thermos made according tocartridge form.
    • Real hunting knife.
    • Camouflage T-shirt. Before purchasing a present, you need to find out the real sizes of your colleagues.
    • Lunch box, a universal surprise option. Can be gifted with a personalized engraving.
    • Card holder in matching style.
    • Watch-stand for storing pens on the desktop.
    • Set of skewers with original handles.
    • Thermo bag is a great gift if the place of work is far from home.
    • Damask with a set of "Grenade" stacks.
    • Leather belt - always useful for a business man.
    • Decorative binoculars will be useful during business trips.
    • Folder organizer.
    • BBQ apron with original photo for everyone.
    • Camo print plaid.
    • Wristband set with headband - a sporty colleague will love it.
    • An unusually shaped external battery.
    • Card reader.
    • Nominal cover for automotive documents.
    • Table pear - will help you relax, relieve tension by beating it with your fingers. A sports colleague will like it.
    • Paper clip holder.
    • A magnetic note board will be interesting not only in the workplace, but also at home in the kitchen, for example.
    • Flashlight of any size. A great option would be a pocket look to use in the winter when it gets dark quickly outside.
    • Desk organizer.
    • Multiple travel kit: soft eye mask, neck pad, earplugs. Such a surprise will be appreciated regularlytraveling colleagues on regular business trips.
    • Pen and pencil stand made of wood.
    • External battery - suitable for any gadget in places where there is no access to electricity.
    • Original phone case, you can see it right in the military theme.
    • Steam glasses for spirits, such as whiskey.
    • A set of elite tea or coffee in the original packaging. A very practical present.

  • Cute gifts as a sign of attention

      Mug - calendar. A very original and interesting souvenir for your desktop.
    • Gloves for a touch phone to control the gadget on the street in any weather.
    • A set of statuses in a humorous form for the desktop.
    • Personal order or statuette of meritorious service to the organization.
    • Decision ball. It will be especially relevant when you need to go to the boss on the carpet.
    • Engraved souvenir pen.
    • Memorial military souvenir, such as footcloths, a jar of stew or a set of camping matches, any variation on this theme will do.
    • A set of door signs in a playful way.
    • gifts-souvenirs. In this category, small presents with a male military focus are suitable:
    • Hammock for legs - after all, they also need to rest periodically.

  • Collective options

      Coffee machine - will appeal to the male team.
    • Getting out into nature is greatan option to give a gift to colleagues and use it yourself.
    • Set for outdoor recreation - in continuation of the previous gift. This can include camping mugs, plates, burners, thermoses, and more.
    • Tickets for a joint trip to the water park will undoubtedly be pleasant for colleagues.
    • Joint Paintball Tournament: Women vs. Men. It will be very interesting and exciting. Joint competitions will unite the team even more and make it a real team.
    • Festive event - skit. It will be fun not only to watch, but also to participate.
    • A set of stacks with a flask is an occasion to get together as a team after a working day and chat and relax together.
    • Quest tickets - you can go with colleagues and have fun from the heart.

  • What absolutely should not be given to colleagues on February 23

      Never give personal items. This is unethical, especially if the man is married. And the wife will definitely ask questions, which can lead to a family scandal.
    • Very expensive gifts should not be prepared, because on Women's Day men may have nothing to answer. By doing this, you will simply put your colleagues in an unpleasant position.
    • Don't give men flowers. Such a surprise will definitely not be appreciated, because it is customary to give bouquets to girls on March 8.
    • Perfume - belongs to the category of personal gifts that relatives can choose to taste.
    • Socks are a very prosaic and familiar gift that has not been perceived as something unusual for a long time.Such banal options are best avoided.
    • Cool and humorous surprises. They can hurt the personal feelings of a colleague, offend him in earnest. You should not experiment and check the sense of humor of employees on a holiday.

    So, after our ideas, there should no longer be questions about what to give to colleagues on February 23rd. So you can choose for any interests and tastes, so that your men at work are satisfied. And you didn’t have much trouble preparing for the celebration of this wonderful day.

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